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About Boligan Foundation

Boligan Foundation is focused on providing support and resources to children in third world countries regarding technology. As the digital era is taking over there are still some places where education about the current technology trends is rarely provided, and the foundations aims to change that.

What was the motivation to start Boligan Foundation?

As someone who was raised by a single mother, I saw her struggle to provide for us and I knew I had to change things around. I worked and made my dream lifestyle a reality. I believe it is time I repaid these blessings of God by helping others who are unprivileged. And I think in this age the knowledge and know-how of technology can help one to make a career for themselves.

What was the purpose to start this foundation?

The purpose is simple, to provide resources for the unprivileged people in third world countries to be able to support themselves with the help of technology. Maximizing the use of technology is another purpose I started off with this foundation. I believe everyone should be given equal opportunities and that is why this foundation came into being.

Don’t you think famine is a greater problem than tech adaptation which needs to be solved?

It surely is but I do have a theory. If I make them capable enough to understand technology and its uses, then I am sure they can learn to make earnings for themselves with the help of technology. One example is also how we are focusing towards Esports in Asia where there are many skilled gamers, but they don’t know how to join the platform or make a career out of this. We aim to help and guide them.

How do you manage to take out time between business and your foundation? Must be really “hectic”?

It does get hectic sometimes but as I have struggled a lot to reach where I am, I quite enjoy my work be it my business or the foundation. My business itself is also a great help for me in funding the foundation taking it forward.

Any messages you would want to give to the younger generation?

I just want to say never listen to what your family or friends are saying about you or your goals, at the end of the day you are what you believe yourself to be not what others define you to be. Your limits will be set by you and you can push them to reach your goals and no one can stop you.

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