Friday, January 21, 2022




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Music & Entertainment

The Grammys Have Been Moved, Both Its Date And Venue

Photo: ABC The recent pandemic has halted most of our biggest festivals and events for almost 2 years now. However, it feels like it’s only just begun, with one variant replacing another in an endless cycle that never seems to end. Now, another big event is rescheduled.  It’s been a tough

Technology & Education

Target CEO Brian Cornell Predicts American Spending Behavior in 2022

Photo: Target Target CEO Brian Cornell has reportedly predicted that Americans will reduce their driving hours and lessen the amount they spend on shopping this year due to high gasoline prices and advancing inflation.  “Some of the historical ways consumers react to inflation will play out

“Eternals” Finally Saw Breakthrough As It Breaks Records In Disney+

Photo: Marvel  The recently released “Eternals” is now available on Disney+, which has given fans an effortless way to rewatch it and potentially give them a chance for reinvestigation. It looks like “Eternals” has finally found an audience. The film was streamed by about 2 million

EA says NFTs “an important part of the future” of Gaming

Source: Yahoo Entertainment Video game publisher EA said in a company call with investors that NFT-based gaming is “an important part of the future” of the gaming industry.  NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) have risen in popularity in art, music, and entertainment. It is a way to