Grandma’s Holly Berry Christmas Cookies

The book “Grandma’s Holly Berry Christmas Cookies” by author D.V. Lang is a new and delightfully entertaining story destined to become a Christmas classic and staple for the holiday season. The tale brings the entertaining story of an engaging family to life. Sisters—Merry, alias Mars, along with twin sisters, Miranda, and Marissa—are the center of this family and tradition-centered masterpiece, “Grandma’s Holly Berry Christmas Cookies”. 

Despite their diverse viewpoints Mars believes that there is something they all cherish above all else. And she had better be right. What is at stake is nothing less than her life as she’s known it since her moment of awareness. She’s sure that the Christmas season, and one of her grandmother’s most cherished family traditions, are probably the only things left that can save her family . . .  but that’s only possible if she can pull off the monumental task of  coming together with her sisters, and if she can get them to see that too. 

You’ll cheer on this delightful main character, and you’ll want her rewarded for her trust and hope in the promise of the magic of the Christmas season. You’ll soon find yourself believing her family’s beloved Christmas tradition will stir the hearts in her family, and it will remind them of the way things were, the way things should be, and the way they can be again. In so doing, you’ll share in the magic of the season. You too will be transported to delightful memories of our own traditions, and you’ll renew the joy they bring you and your loved ones.

Grandma’s Holly Berry Christmas Cookies is a wonderful holiday story that offers families and friends an opportunity to spend quality time and create new cherished memories. Since Christmas comes but once each year, for many families and friends Christmas gatherings are the primary occasions that brings them together. As you can imagine, everyone anticipates experiencing the delights of these special occasions all year long. Consequently, countless traditions abound at this wonderful time of year. To be sure, almost every family prepares activities and special meals to commemorate the fun celebrations this holiday provides. 

One could even argue, this period is crucial for families to have. The very atmosphere of the season promotes the release of resentments, and the restoration of smiles. Indeed, the magic of Christmas is the firm reinforcement of family ties, but most importantly, it provides the opportunity to continue family traditions. 

The author has procured a unique gift for each reader. It lets you more than read the book. It gives you a unique perspective and direct involvement in the book that is rarely given. Get the book! Join the tradition, then bring it to life each year with us. It will become as warm and treasured a tradition in your family, as the heartwarming feeling of rocking in grandma’s lap while sucking your thumb.

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