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Ottavia Tay Lang Offers Inner Healing through Her Music and Dear Life Chat

Certified and passionate sound therapist, recording artist, and mindfulness coach Ottavia Tay Lang is helping people experience inner healing through her sound bath therapy and company Dear Life Chat. Through her calming music, she aspires to encourage self-awareness which will then result in self-care, a necessity often neglected by people due to their busy lifestyles. Her album titled 5D Matrimony is composed of 20 singing bowls, which she composed and plays as well. 

Ottavia’s music is something that she hopes to share with everyone across the country and even the world. It is for anyone looking for a way to release the tension and anxiety they feel inside of them. Ottavia is a well-known personality among many celebrities in the country today who sought her out to help them process their inner struggles. She came up with customized treatments for clients that will suit their individual needs best. Mostly, her clients instantly experience comfort and peace during her sessions, allowing them to release all their fears and burdens so they can face their day with confidence and clarity. 

Once in her life, Ottavia also went through some difficult circumstances, which resulted in her depression. In her search for answers and a treatment that would relieve her of her inner pain, she found sound bath therapy and how it brings emotional and spiritual healing to those who are open to trying it out. The creation of her album 5D Matrimony was her way of staying connected with her clients even when they do not see her in person. By listening to her album, they can continue to experience relief and peace wherever they may be. 

“I started Dear Life Chat as a blog to distract me from the stress I was dealing with,” Ottavia explained. “The more I evolved, the more Dear Life Chat evolved into a business with sound bath therapy as the primary focus. Sound therapy saved my life literally. After going through periods of depression and having a heart abnormality that forced me to wear a heart monitor for a while gave me the wake-up call that I needed. I changed my life drastically, starting with meditation which led to my love of utilizing singing bowls for my meditations.”

Ottavia hopes to grow her brand significantly in the next few years enough to make it a household name when it comes to wellness. She aspires to establish herself as the person who made such a huge difference in the lives of people through sound bath therapy. As she tirelessly builds a respectable name in the wellness industry, she also wishes to make her family and ancestors proud of her unique achievements.

If there is another important thing that Ottavia hopes to impart to people, it is to give sound bath therapy a chance for them to experience the extraordinary healing it brings to wounded souls. She is opening herself up to connect with even bigger audiences in the future to share her music and remarkable experience in wellness and healing. In doing this, she looks forward to seeing more people break free from the chains of their past and painful circumstances. 

Learn more about Ottavia Tay Lang by visiting her website.

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