Monte Monster’s First Day Of School

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The first day of school is a significant milestone. Whether in preschool or kindergarten, it may be both joyful and terrifying. Parents may also find it challenging to manage the initial days of their kids’ school.

There are so many things to do to prepare for the upcoming school year, including asking your kid about their fears, anxieties, and concerns, whether they are just starting kindergarten or returning students.

Whitney Harnack has always been interested in children’s books with creative writing, but for years, it seemed as though she was too afraid to put her ideas on paper for fear of failing. Whit chose to rewrite a concept she had written down five years prior after speaking with her oldest son. Of course, the characters and the language evolved during the five years, but Monte Monster was created after considering many concepts for a few weeks.

Here it begins with the preparation for the first day of school. For his first day of school, Monte Monster was getting ready. Monte was highly anxious and overwhelmed, despite the support of others. With assistance from his family, Monte manages to board the bus for school and explores every part of his school. Ultimately, Monte has a beautiful day and learns there is no reason to fear school.

Children who have never been to school rely on their parent’s experiences to help them set realistic expectations. Children experience less worry when parents’ stories incorporate positive reinforcement and imply that the child is capable and can cope.

Whitney Harnack has done an excellent job in her book, “Monte Monster’s First Day Of School,” talking about first-day school anxiety in kids. Lovely vibrant illustrations in the book attract kids and play a vital role in kids reading more. So without waiting, grab a copy and let your kids go through this exciting book.

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