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Christian Massa is Bringing Actors and Entrepreneurs’ Social Presence to New Levels Through His Marketing and Public Relations Company, Purple Media.

Christian Massa Purple Media

This year has shown the world that big change can happen on a dime. Because of this businesses and entrepreneurs have reconsidered their marketing tactics to appropriately responds to the 2020 pandemic.  This has notably been a difficult year for many but Christian Massa is looking at the glass half full since the start of Coronavirus.

Massa’s background in acting and entrepreneurship has shown him perseverance and hard work to get results. Known for his roles in Deadly Sins, Frenemies, and Pressure, Massa has always been passionate about striving for the very best and setting the bar high.  Other notable accomplishments include:

• Contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine & Yahoo

• Founder of the iPhone game SquareDarr

• Assistant director to “My Suicide Story,” (dedicated to addressing and preventing suicide)

• The co-founder of his family-owned business, Aquatec Flooring (over $2,000,000 in sales in just two years)

Purple Media is his newest accomplishment. This public relations agency dedicates its resources to helping actors, entrepreneurs, and businesses share their passions with their fanbase and more. Already Purple Media has publications on some of the top tier online news sites. The clientele portfolio has a wide range of fields such as real estate, entertainment, credit repair, and restaurants.

You can expect a stronger brand image with Purple Media that connects you to your desired target audience with ease. Connection with your audience is a must for entrepreneurs. Based on your needs you’ll be paired with a marketing expert to take advantage of the companies sophisticated marketing tools. With this, you can ensure your companies voice and presence will be boosted. App design, website creation, and professional social media management through Purple Media will be the ultimate success setup.

The unique qualities of Purple Media can be directly credited to Massa truly caring about his clients. He leads by example by offering a helping hand to those around him. The uncertainty of these times has inspired him to not only keep his loved ones safe but also help companies stay afloat with safe practices and virtual meetings.

Massa explains that “Business has no value unless the world is better after you leave it than to was when you came in. You have to care about the world or there’s no point in having money at all.”  With strong beliefs that using entrepreneurial power to adapt to unforeseen events such as Covid-19, now more than ever is the time to reassess your business goals. On top of that, you can think about shifting your marketing design plan to allow your business to make its market in the ever-growing digital world.

Call us for a free 30-minute consultation about how Christian Massa and Purple Media can assist your company’s growth through publications and reduced turnover rate. Start your pathway to success now.

To follow Christian Massa’s journey and to contact Purple Media, follow Massa here.

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