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Ashley Ray Cushman, a 22-Year-Old Top Influencer From Colorado, Makes $600,000 in a Year From Social Media

Ashley Ray Cushman has always been driven and ambitious. But that does not mean she always followed what people around her thought was the best path to success. Instead, she has always been individualistic in her pursuit. When Ashley sees an opportunity that works for her, she takes it without hesitation.

Social media has become an emerging industry that has garnered much attention over the past few years. But Ashley Ray Cushman shared that she was serious about social media even before it became the massive industry it is today. She started posting online when she was in high school, recalling how she got a lot of hate and judgment for sharing things online. “I was doing something I loved, and people from my town didn’t understand the importance that social media was going to have on the modern world as I did. It wasn’t big like it is today,” she shared.

But Ashley saw the potential in social media marketing and content creation, so she didn’t let other people’s skepticism affect her. Had she listened to the naysayers around her, she would have stopped posting content online, and Ashley wouldn’t have the career trajectory she now enjoys. She proudly said, “I wanted to prove them wrong. So I did.”

Ashley Ray Cushman is currently one of the most successful content creators in Denver, Colorado. She left university to pursue content creation full-time. That year, she earned six figures from collaborations and sponsored content she posted on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. She also made several User-Generated Content (UGC) videos for different brands and companies and found work to advance her modeling career.

Ashley Ray Cushman created content under the fashion, fitness, lifestyle, beauty and health influencer niche to maximize her social media platform and following. She is passionate about these things, making it easier for her to create content that feels authentic to her personality and interests while promoting positivity. She also uses her platform to motivate and inspire young women to lead healthy and active lives while fearlessly expressing themselves through fashion and makeup. “I want the women on my platform to feel strong and beautiful on the inside and out,” the content creator shared.

Her extensive experience in social media has made Ashley Ray Cushman an expert on social media marketing. She knows the ins and outs of the different platforms, which helps her create content that pops. Ashley has also built meaningful professional relationships with the companies and the brands she has worked with. Social media marketing is the game changer in business and advertising, and Ashley’s extensive experience in the field puts her in a prime position to help her clients stand out online.

Ever the driven individual, Ashley Ray Cushman also started a luxury swimwear company called CCXSWIMWEAR. “Being an entrepreneur felt like a natural progression in my career,” Ashley shared, “I work hard, and I always push myself. I never want to settle for mediocrity.”

Ashley Ray Cushman is proud of herself as she reflects on her career as an influencer, content creator, and CEO. Even though she faced a lot of doubt and hate, she never wavered in her goals. Her mindset, drive, and resilience got her to success. Ashley shared, “I keep going even when things get tough. And now I’m on my way to making millions.”

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