Empowering Youth: Unveiling Crimson’s 2023 18u18 List
Photo courtesy: Crimson Education

Empowering Youth: Unveiling Crimson’s 2023 18u18 List

In a world where innovation knows no bounds, the future favors those bold enough to dream, create, and lead.  Amid countless young talents, a select few radiate, driving change locally and globally. This year, Crimson Education presented its inaugural 18 under 18 initiative that celebrates the transformative power of the youth. 

Empowering Youth: Unveiling Crimson’s 2023 18u18 List
Photo courtesy: Crimson Education
Empowering Youth: Unveiling Crimson’s 2023 18u18 List
Photo courtesy: Crimson Education

Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable individuals: 

Oluwademilade Seyi-Idowu from Nigeria created Anxiovoice.ai, diagnosing anxiety through voice analysis to combat rising anxiety levels among youth. He wants to expand into a start-up offering AI-based treatments in the future!

Aditya Agarwal and Rishabh Bharhgav from India developed Plutus, a financial platform targeting fear-driven trading and investment losses. With backing from Microsoft and Google, they collaborate with India’s 4th largest merchant bank to offer market insights. 

Jihyeon Sung from South Korea leads Greener is Cleaner, and has empowered over 15,000 youth worldwide to take environmental action through virtual events, activism campaigns, and educational content. 

Alisa Rao from New Zealand organizes TEDxYouth@StCuthbert’sCollege, inspiring transformative change and empowering youth through innovative ideas. She has led over 30 students, reached 500 schools, and a cumulative online audience of 2 million.

Dilnaz Shalabaeva from Kazakhstan heads Iglik, where she educates children on internet security and cyber risks. Recognized by the National Volunteer Network and UNICEF, Dilnaz has reached students across the country and aims to expand her venture into an app. 

Sean Speegle from the USA is a policy strategist who mobilizes global youth for online equity. Advising on digital policy at the UN, he directs the Global Initiative for Digital Rights and aims to empower marginalized communities in policymaking.

Om Acharekar from Singapore leads Project Dignity Entrepreneurship Experience, where he acts as a venture capitalist and guides 15 differently-abled students to multiple seed funds, directly benefiting the community. 

Jose Luis from Mexico leads Raíces de Cambio, focusing on sustainable development in Nayarit. His campaigns aim to transform societal structures for equal opportunities by initiating collections and have already benefited 9000 people. 

Yigit Efe Nas from Turkey innovated Hemi Change, a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Derived from watermelon waste, it biodegrades in five weeks, reducing water and air pollution. Yigit aims for global adoption, making green plastics accessible worldwide. 

Lucas Faro from Brazil heads Inceptum, a social startup teaching youth entrepreneurship and financial education. He’s provided lectures, competitions, and supported 8,800 students’ development. 

Ioanna Papastamouli from Australia is an elite tennis player, holding an impressive International Tennis Ranking of 500th. Winning tournaments worldwide, she represents her state team and aims for the highest ranking. 

Bauer Lee from the USA founded Cardboard Superheroes, offering free STEAM education to underserved students. Providing sustainable art resources to 300,000 globally, he aims to foster creative problem-solving skills through entrepreneurship.

Eeman Syeda from the United Arab Emirates founded MTS Walks, a sustainable fashion show promoting creative upcycling and replacing fast fashion. The event raised funds for many orphans, providing them with essential needs. 

Anandini Mitra from India creates virtual communities for seniors to engage in enriching conversation with younger generations to alleviate pandemic-induced isolation and foster intergenerational connections. 

Insar Tungushbayev from Kazakhstan heads VisionAI, a medtech startup specializing in AI-driven medical imaging. Leading a team securing $550,000 in grants, VisionAI’s NeuroDetect software aids swift neurological disease detection and has attracted attention from Microsoft.

Emily Ulloa and Juliana Lopez from Ecuador founded Reforming Ecuador, advocating for disability rights and legal reform. Through their involvement in Ecuador’s first recognized giftedness case, they shaped legislation and influenced technical meetings with institutions like the World Bank. 

Siona Pramoda, Meghna Pramoda, and Veneeth Veeramachaneni from Puerto Rico founded Safe Teens, an NGO ensuring teen safety. Their peer-to-peer program on online privacy and safety serves over 5 million students and focuses on prevention & early intervention efforts

Aikhan Jumashukurov from Kyrgyzstan initiated Good Food Fest, promoting dietary optimization and nutrition awareness. With over 3,000 guests, 10 sponsors, and media coverage, the festival raises health awareness, aiming to positively impact Kyrgyzstan’s health.

Congratulations to Crimson’s 18u18 winners for their dedication, ingenuity, and passion that inspires us all. Here’s to a future shaped by your extraordinary vision and leadership. Learn more about our winners and Crimson 18u18 initiative here.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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