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ALSCO Awarded Third Patent: Reinventing Two-Way Authentication with Secure Gateway

ALSCO Awarded Third Patent: Reinventing Two-Way Authentication with Secure Gateway
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In the digital age, data protection is paramount. As cyber threats evolve, technology needs to keep pace, ensuring data integrity and the prevention of unauthorized access. ALSCO, a frontrunner in IT security innovation, has once again stamped its mark on the industry by securing its third patent, US11777927B1, titled ‘MONITORING SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING A SECURE COMMUNICATION CHANNEL BETWEEN A CLIENT COMPUTER AND A HOSTING COMPUTER SERVER BACKGROUND’.

Understanding the Patent’s Background

The realm of two-way authentication has predominantly been navigated using APIs, passwords, user IDs, challenge handshake authentications, biometric authentications, and certificate-based authentications. However, ALSCO’s new patent introduces a method that astonishingly bypasses all these traditional systems. This development is a revolutionary step that not only simplifies the authentication process but also offers enhanced security.

ALSCO Awarded Third Patent: Reinventing Two-Way Authentication with Secure Gateway
Photo Credited to adam

Distinguishing ALSCO’s Technology

There are several distinct features that differentiate ALSCO’s patented technology from other solutions:

1. Exclusivity in Authentication: ALSCO’s approach is the only one capable of handling two-way authentication without leaning on traditional methods like APIs, passwords, or biometric systems.

2. Zero Coding: While other systems demand client-side programming, ALSCO’s innovation seamlessly integrates without requiring any coding.

3. Decade-long Logs: It is the sole technology that preserves logs for a whopping ten years, ensuring extensive record-keeping.

4. Comprehensive User Data: Users are furnished with detailed information regarding who requested their code, providing an added layer of transparency.

5. Establishing a Fortified Channel: This technology singularly guarantees a secure channel between the user’s device and the hosting server.

6. Global Acknowledgement: An affirmation of its groundbreaking nature, the world’s largest bank, BANK OF AMERICA, has cited both of ALSCO’s patents. This is a robust indicator that ALSCO’s technology is undoubtedly the future of authentication.

7. Introducing “Secure Gateway Mobile App”: Pioneering a new era in two-factor authentication, this app further consolidates ALSCO’s position at the apex of IT security solutions. 

ALSCO Awarded Third Patent: Reinventing Two-Way Authentication with Secure Gateway
Photo Credited to adam

ALSCO’s Rise in the IT Security Sector

Being a relatively new player in the IT domain, ALSCO’s focus on developing groundbreaking technology in software and IT security is commendable. Their ownership of the ‘Secure Gateway®️’ trademark and the corresponding E-Mail, WEB, and CLOUD SECURE GATEWAY®️ badges are a testament to their dedication in this space. The two previous patents, US10498760B1 and US10630721B1, related to detecting malicious program code and cyberattack behavior detection, respectively, further fortify their position as innovative leaders in cybersecurity.

The Next Big Thing: Secure Gateway StorageBox

As we look forward to ALSCO’s future endeavors, the ‘Secure Gateway StorageBox API’ promises to be the next big thing. In a world where data is the new gold, ensuring safe and seamless file uploads is paramount. ALSCO’s StorageBox guarantees that no uploaded file executes, providing a robust shield against potential threats. Whether you’re an enterprise hosting on-premises or in the cloud, the API offers unmatched protection and promises seamless integration with any system.

Investing in the Future

In a strategic move, ALSCO recently acquired the domain ‘SecureGateway.com’ for $39,500 on July 3, 2023, as reported by ‘escrow.com’. Such investments, especially in the AI-dominated era, are astute. With ‘godaddy.com research’ projecting the ‘SecureGateway.com’ domain and the ‘Secure Gateway’ trademark to be valued at around 10 million in the coming decades, ALSCO’s foresight is evident.

Inventors Behind the Patent

The brilliance behind this patent can be attributed to Mohammed Kifah Hussaun, Yasser Kifah Hussain, Dr. Kifah Hussain Abid, and Zayd Kifah Hussain. It’s noteworthy that Mohammed Kifah Hussaun, Yasser Kifah Hussain, and Zayd Kifah Hussain all have master’s degrees in computer science from the prestigious Boston University in Massachusetts. Their combined expertise and academic excellence have undeniably been instrumental in bringing this innovation to life.

For more information, you can visit alscotoday.com or securegateway.com to learn about this new technology.

In conclusion, as the world stands on the precipice of a digital revolution, entities like ALSCO are ensuring a secure transition. Their patented innovations are not only redefining the present but are also sculpting the future of digital security.

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