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Aselia Amiraeva: How important it is to choose a profession in which one can manifest the full strength of the soul

Aselia Amiraeva
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In the modern world, visual perception holds a special place. Video content not only allows for the most comprehensive storytelling about an event, product, service, brand, etc., but also provides people with the opportunity to take a break from the abundance of textual information. Creating high-quality video content is a complex and multifaceted process that requires the efforts of highly skilled professionals. And above all – a producer who manages this process from beginning to end. We discussed the intricacies of the profession with Aselia Amiraeva – a Kyrgyz manager and producer with experience in the field of video content marketing/distribution, who knows exactly what is needed for the effective realization of any media project. Moreover, she shared how she entered the profession, how she developed within it, what she has achieved, and what she aspires to.

Aselia is a young, talented, creative, and versatile individual. At the age of 25, she has found her place in the profession and is not afraid to compete even with “giants” of video production. In her portfolio of work achievements are 13 projects, which she promoted as a digital marketer, and 4 successfully realized projects as a producer.

The girl entered her profession more as a natural progression than by chance. Much of this was thanks to her school interests in photography, films and economics. However, her worldview and career choice were decisively influenced by her trip to the USA through the “FLEX” exchange program, where she spent a year studying in an American high school and living with a host family.

While pursuing a higher education at the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, majoring in “World Economy,” Aselia went to Germany twice during summer breaks under the “Work and Travel” youth program, participated in a mentoring program aimed at expanding economic rights and opportunities for entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan, interned in several companies, including the production studio “1.1 Studio,” which is engaged in creating films, TV series, and other media projects.

Her internships and subsequent invitation to work as a digital marketer at the production studio marked a confident start in her career. Just a year after successfully promoting various projects online, which were broadcasted on national TV, a YouTube channel, and social media platforms, Aselia grew to lead a team of marketing specialists. Another year later, she began receiving projects for production. Her latest work as a producer was the international Central Asian TikTok House, which skyrocketed in popularity, amassing 3.8 million subscribers and over billions views.

While discussing the intricacies of the professions of a digital marketer and a producer, the girl noted that they share several common functions, but there are more critical differences between them. The producer shapes the foundation of a project, which becomes the product, overseeing its creation and promotion, and coordinating all aspects from conceptualization to technical, financial, and other elements. On the other hand, a marketer comes into play when the overall product idea has already been developed. Their responsibilities encompass devising a project’s promotional strategy, engaging directly with the audience and sales channels.

Aselia has a strong affinity for everything related to video production. Positioning herself as a marketer and producer of video content, including films, series, TV shows, advertising, and social media videos, she consistently strives to enhance her expertise. With this goal in mind, she recently underwent training in film producing at the New York Film Academy and now aspires to work in the video production industry in America. Her aim is to foster relationships between Central Asia and the United States specifically in this domain.

Aselia considers herself a free individual as she engages in activities that bring her joy. She adheres to the belief that the meaning of life lies not only in changing the world around us but also in personal growth and development, both in a personal and professional capacity. She firmly believes that even the slightest advantage in knowledge and skills can yield a tremendous difference in the outcomes achieved. Isn’t this the philosophy of a winner?!


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