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Fitness Icon Whitney Johns Reveals Her Journey to Creating Her Own Line of Supplements

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The onset of the global pandemic in 2020 shook the world and threw lives off-balance. With lockdowns and quarantines imposed, the majority of people brought their work home with them and started to show a decline in physical activities. Although several people were working out at home, many struggled to commit and manifested their exhaustion in meetings. The struggles led to people seeking online trainers, including Whitney Johns.

Whitney Johns is a name familiar to those who follow the fitness world. Although she has built her platform around training, Whitney has also made a name for herself as a mind-body-spirit businesswoman, fitness advocate and educator, and influencer. An all-around individual, Whitney has also delved into entrepreneurship, taking her training programs to the next level with the development of her membership web app “Find Your Fit with Whit.” Additionally, she has also released her own line of supplement lines called Whitney Johns Nutrition.

Whitney endured a difficult upbringing before becoming a stellar figure in the fitness and digital space. She suffered from severe migraines, chronic pain, mental health issues, and problems with her gut health. However, instead of allowing herself to get consumed, Whitney took matters into her own hands and sought a solution, leading her to fitness at sixteen.

“I spent years researching self-testing to get to the bottom of my issues,” she revealed. “It became clear that to heal my body, I had to make nutrition and lifestyle choices that would improve my inner health, not just my outer physique.”

When Whitney pursued a professional bodybuilding career, she bought into many of the unhealthy and extreme measures that the industry promoted. As a result, she was forced to claw her way out of the damage the habits created, mentally, physically, and hormonally. However, the experience gave her an idea and instilled a passion for creating a different approach.

Whitney Johns created the “Find Your Fit with Whit” web app, wherein she personalized coaching programs for clients who were experiencing the same struggles she did. Beyond fitness programs, Whitney created personalized nutrition programs to help users to create a holistic health approach.

Once Whitney shifted her focus, she started to exhume a different air that people noticed. The fitness icon had become a role model with a superpower of confidence and clarity. Users of her app began to imitate the same air with their newfound confidence projected into their businesses and the boardrooms.

Although she had already achieved her goal, Whitney decided to elevate her platform by releasing her own supplements on April 27, 2022. While most supplements promised many false promises, Whitney’s were not the typical pre-workout protein fat burners. Instead, they focused more on users’ mental health and gut health, ushering in a sustainable lifestyle change.

Since she started her own supplements, Whitney Johns has transformed herself from being a fitness icon into a hormone and wellness expert. She has also elevated her platform to becoming a VP of Sales on the Influencer Program with her partner for the supplements. Whitney envisions an optimistic future for her brand with apparel and merchandise as she continues her journey to becoming a one-stop shop for a healthy approach to transforming the body.

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