Celia Reeves Navigating the Unknown – How Lack of Medical Knowledge Can Affect Your Health (2)
Photo Courtesy: Celia Reeves

Celia Reeves: Navigating the Unknown – How Lack of Medical Knowledge Can Affect Your Health

Lack of medical knowledge can severely impact your health by leading to poor decision-making and delayed treatment. Without understanding symptoms, you may ignore warning signs of serious conditions, resulting in advanced illnesses that are harder to treat. Misinterpreting health information or relying on unreliable sources can lead to harmful self-treatment or avoidance of necessary medical care. Additionally, a lack of knowledge about preventative measures, such as vaccinations and healthy lifestyle choices, increases the risk of preventable diseases. 

Education on basic medical concepts empowers individuals to make informed health choices, recognize when to seek professional help, and ultimately, maintain better overall health.

Celia Reeves, also known as Celia “Cici” Reeves, the dynamic CEO and founder of Medical Coding Mama, exemplifies the transformative power of knowledge in the medical industry. 

Widowed just three days before her 35th birthday, Reeves found solace and a new purpose in the medical field. The care and support she received from medical professionals during her late husband’s battle with cancer fueled her desire to learn medical coding. With unwavering determination, she pursued this new career path with fervor. When a teacher gave her the chance to embark on this journey, Reeves was so ecstatic that she slept with her coding books under her bed until classes began.

This opportunity led her to Tucson, Arizona, where she worked in the office of the first female urologist in the state. This experience provided her with invaluable insights and fond memories. In August 2009, Reeves achieved a significant milestone by passing the national coding exam. She then began working at a children’s clinic in Tucson, where she gained experience in coding for ten different medical specialties. This unique environment, where doctors came to the children rather than the other way around, deepened her understanding and passion for medical coding.

Balancing Professional Aspirations and Personal Life

Over the years, Reeves’s experiences and the stories she encountered ignited a new mission in her life. She realized the importance of educating people about their medical options so they could make informed decisions for themselves and their families. This mission led to the birth of Medical Coding Mama, initially a small blog in 2016. Combining her love for storytelling and her expertise in medical coding, Reeves used this platform to share the lessons she had learned and the stories she had witnessed.

As a single parent, Reeves has balanced her professional aspirations with her role as a devoted mother to her beloved daughter. Now in her 18th year as a nationally certified medical coder by the AAPC, Reeves continues to inspire and educate through Medical Coding Mama. When she’s not immersed in her work, she enjoys the beautiful Arizona sunsets, spending quality time with her teenage daughter, and indulging in her love for reading. Known for her signature style of silver or handmade jewelry and dangle earrings, Reeves exudes a unique charm and confidence.

Affectionately called the “pint-sized powerhouse” due to her 5-foot stature, Reeves’s passion shines through when she teaches her highly sought-after classes. These classes, which often sell out quickly, provide valuable insights into the behind-the-scenes processes that occur after a doctor’s visit. Reeves’s enthusiasm and knowledge captivate her students, making her a beloved figure in the medical coding community.

Empowering Patients Through Medical Education

Celia Reeves Navigating the Unknown – How Lack of Medical Knowledge Can Affect Your Health
Photo Courtesy: Celia Reeves

Reeves’s commitment to educating others extends to the broader medical community through her discussions on the importance of understanding medical options. Many people are unaware that they have options for common procedures such as LASIK, hysterectomies, some abdominal surgeries, and carpal tunnel treatments. The lack of knowledge about available medical options can lead to negative health outcomes, as people often follow their doctor’s suggestions without question. For instance, Reeves recalls a situation involving her sister-in-law, whose pre-existing back condition limited her surgical options. This highlights the necessity for patients to be fully informed about their medical choices.

Patients can turn to various resources to learn about their medical options, including consulting with doctors, researching online (despite the prevalence of misinformation), and exploring foundations’ websites for chronic conditions. To ensure they are fully informed before agreeing to a medical procedure, patients should ask their doctors about the pros and cons of each option. Second opinions also play a crucial role in understanding medical options, as they provide another professional perspective and can introduce new or advanced treatment possibilities that the original doctor might not be aware of.

Through Medical Coding Mama, Celia Reeves continues to champion the cause of medical education, empowering patients to make informed health decisions. Her journey from a determined widow to a respected medical coding expert is a testament to her resilience, passion, and dedication to improving the healthcare experience for all.



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