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A Precise Blend of Power and Tranquility: RISE MAX and SLEEP MAX by Nebula Labs

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Achieving the perfect balance of energy and tranquility in our daily lives often seems like pushing a boulder up a steep hill. But it doesn’t have to be. With the launch of RISE MAX and SLEEP MAX, Christian Thun, founder of Nebula Labs, has concocted a solution that cuts through the chase. These unique nootropic supplements are specifically designed to enhance energy levels during the day and usher in serene, restful sleep at night – a holistic approach to wellness embodied in the brand’s mantra, “Fuel your day, own the night.”

Christian Thun is not an ordinary entrepreneur. A professional boxer by trade, he had to juggle early morning workouts, demanding training schedules, and high-stake fights while nurturing a passion for cognitive enhancement. These experiences fuelled a quest to find the perfect supplement replete with the power to maximize daytime productivity and a calming effect for nighttime recovery. This pursuit led to the birth of Nebula Labs and the creation of RISE MAX and SLEEP MAX.

RISE MAX: Energizer with a Difference

RISE MAX is Nebula Labs’ flagship offering. This dynamic all-in-one formula is packed with powerful nootropics that provide sustained energy throughout the day, without the usual crash associated with other stimulants. The scientific blend of natural ingredients is designed to enhance mental clarity, improve focus, and foster a sense of well-being that is vital for performing at your peak.

Unlike many energy supplements on the market, RISE MAX doesn’t just provide a short-lived burst of energy. Instead, it offers a naturally glutted, steady state of vigor, keeping you sharp, focused, and vitalized from dawn to dusk. This is a testament to Nebula Labs’ commitment to delivering solutions that perfectly dovetail with your body’s natural rhythms.

SLEEP MAX: Tranquility at Its Peak

Following the ‘rise’ is the calm that leads to a deeply restorative ‘sleep’ – SLEEP MAX. This nighttime nootropic supplement is a harmonious blend of natural compounds designed to quieten the mind, induce relaxation, and promote quality sleep. In a world where sleep deprivation is alarmingly common, this prodigious formulation by Nebula Labs comes as a breath of fresh, calming air.

SLEEP MAX subtly nudges you towards restful sleep – not tempestuous unconsciousness that sleep aids can often plunge you into. It works by resetting your natural sleep cycle, enabling you to wake up feeling rejuvenated, alert, and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Fuel Your Day, Own the Night

Christian Thun’s journey from a professional boxer to developing innovative supplements is an inspiring saga of determination, passion, and a never-ending quest for excellence. His experiences have culminated in Nebula Labs’ pioneering contribution: RISE MAX and SLEEP MAX.

As you navigate the challenges and victories of each day, these supplements, developed after extensive research and discerning refinement, provide a smart, potent, and gentle route to optimization. It is a testament to the vision of Nebula Labs, reflecting their commitment to creating health and wellness products that empower users to ‘Fuel your day, own the night’.


Whether it’s grappling with tasks that require mental agility during the day or seeking calming reprieve for the night, RISE MAX and SLEEP MAX by Nebula Labs extend a precise blend that mirrors your need for power and tranquility. Christian Thun’s pioneering venture stands as a striking testament to human potential—a journey of perseverance, worn gloves, unwavering belief, and the desire to create something extraordinary.

To learn more about RISE MAX and SLEEP MAX and begin your journey towards balanced and optimized living, connect with Nebula Labs on social media at or visit the official website.

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