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Beauty and Brains: Jana Dužanec’s Perspective on Women’s Choices in the 21st Century

Beauty and Brains: Jana Dužanec's Perspective on Women's Choices in the 21st Century
Photo Credited to TEAM

Tell us more about yourself. Which is your most exciting project so far?

My name is Jana Dužanec, I am the mother of a beautiful boy, and I am in love with my job. I am the founder of the brand “Jana Nails,” which is currently present in 24 countries. For more than 20 years, nails have been my love, and for the last ten I have been designing and making cosmetic products for nail care and other beauty lines. Every project for me is special, let’s say, exciting because I create new color trends and campaigns for every season. Creating something new and unseen has always been at the top of my list of priorities.

What do you want to achieve in the future?

In the future, my goal is that this “sector” of beauty industry, which involves nails and nail art, gets more recognition, as it is honestly just as important as make-up. All these creative nail techs around the world are here somewhere “behind the scenes,” and trust me, they do work as hard as others professional in beauty industry, but somehow I do feel it is less covered by media or given less attention.  

Brains or beauty – so women have to choose in the 21st century?

We all already know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is very subjective, so good looks are by no means more important than the brain, hard work, or the end product itself. Although my name and my character are directly associated with the brand, it was built exclusively on quality and experience, not on physical appearance. With the very appearance of social networks, certain things are imposed on us, and we simply have to be present there.

Beauty and Brains: Jana Dužanec's Perspective on Women's Choices in the 21st Century
Photo Credite to TEAM

Where do you get your strength from?

My strength comes from my son, from my family and friends, from the close circle of people that I work with, and finally from all the clients around the world who have been supporting my brand and me. It’s all about energy and vibes that keep you moving forward.

How has motherhood changed you?

Motherhood has changed me in the way that everything you do or any decision you make, you think of that little person first. Every decision now reflects on him as well. I have learned to be patient, more calm, and more open to different types of energies and how to cope with them. Also he has learned me flexibility and have to come to solutions more quickly.  

How do you use your influence?

I would really love to (or at least I am trying my best to) influence people to trust themselves, trust their intuition, and go follow their hearts when it comes to working toward something they desire. Everything is possible when you really, really want it and work for it to happen. Don’t lose yourself during the process because being original is always a payoff.

What is your favorite travel destination and why?

Anywhere, where is hot and sunny and over 40 C. But there are also some small towns in France where I used to work that have charm and history.

Do you have a beauty or wellness secret?

The beauty secret is that when you turn over 40, you have to invest a little bit more and have some skincare and bodycare regimes to keep them up. My doctor, Dr. Jakov Jurcevic is taking excellent care of me with some excellent programs that are customized for my skincare. But when you are happy and full of life inside, you just glow naturally.

Beauty and Brains: Jana Dužanec's Perspective on Women's Choices in the 21st Century
Photo Credited to TEAM

The most important thing you’ve learned in life is…

No matter how hard it gets, there is always a sunny day after rain, and there is always a rainbow after a storm. Nothing lasts forever, and without bad days, there would be no good days either. Just do your best and always hope for the best. If I can be an inspiration or motivation to even one young person and make them do what they loves with a smile, for me, that will be the greatest success.

Your next goal is…

My next goal (and our company’s next goal) is to spread the market into new countries and create a network of well-educated people who believe in what they do and work hard to get there. People who have the same vision as we do.

Long term, of course, we want to grow with the products and develop some new formulas, crazy photoshootings, and campaigns.

Craziest thing you’ve done is….

Crazy things with my production crew are happening almost on every shooting and campaign, but being a woman in such a small “field” and taking all the risk of leaving my safe faculty job to start working with nails – I think that is crazy enough.

The best advice you’ve ever received was…

When you think it’s difficult or impossible, gather all your energy and dedicate yourself to the goal. And when you doubt yourself or when it’s the worst and you want to give up, remember that the vast majority started exactly that way and succeeded. I am of the opinion that luck is only a small factor in success, and work and investing in yourself, your knowledge, and your complete dedication to work – not giving up when the going gets tough – are the things that bring success.


Model: Jana Duzanec @janaduzanec

Photo : Srećko Rundić

Hair : Ivona Palić for Salon Franić

Make up : Karlo Rusan for Ruka Beauty

Art direction & styling : Karlo Rusan

Special thanks to : Dr. Jakov Jurcevic  

Management:  @say__media

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