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Global VIP Relations Genius Dan Miller

Dan Miller
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So who is Dan Miller? Well with a global reach and phone with contacts worth millions it’s safe to say he’s the “ plug” London-based Entrepreneur and business owner who is a hard-working VIP relations expert. We’ve seen Him alongside the best and biggest names in sport and entertainment, last year we witnessed a historical night for women’s boxing and Dan miller no doubt was behind the scenes working away, with over 2 million viewers and thousands in Attendance in London at the O2 area at Greenwich it was a great night for us viewers and for Dan Miller, so what’s the role of VIP relations? Well, it’s Creating the best vibes and experiences for the biggest names, a unique touch, and always exclusive access. 

In 2022 Dan worked on more than 20 sky sports shows covering boxing and working the role of VIP relations, he’s the guy you see ringside with the superstars and also the guy you don’t see Behind the scenes making sure things run according to plan, not an easy job at all but a very rewarding one. The business owner also runs his agency called supreme management which is a bespoke business, based in London and currently has undisputed world champion Chantelle Cameron on the books. Cameron started her career in 2017 and his been a superstar in the division ever since, she is undefeated and has a huge year ahead. If you’re looking to attend a show or want an experience you won’t get anywhere else then Dan is the man!

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