Arjan Dhamija
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Arjan Dhamija: Meet the Up and Coming Entrepreneur Starting to Turn Heads

Arjan Dhamija, a determined 19-year-old born in New Delhi, India, is a multi-talented individual who has achieved success in various domains. He is an ambitious entrepreneur, amateur Muay Thai fighter, and a social media influencer with an impressive following. Born on October 20th, 2003, he decided to leave Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business after the third semester to focus entirely on his thriving business ventures.

Dhamija’s passion for entrepreneurship was evident since his childhood. He has shown exceptional business acumen and leadership skills as early as his high school years, where he experimented with several online ventures. His dedication and tenacity have paid off, and he has established two profitable businesses at a young age.

Social Media Presence

Arjan has leveraged social media platforms like Instagram to build a loyal fan base eager to follow his entrepreneurship journey and life experiences. With over 20k followers since 2019, his Instagram account has grown exponentially, showcasing his travels around the world and sharing insights into his projects. His followers eagerly anticipate his posts, eager to learn more about his latest ventures and adventures.

Business Ventures

At the age of 18, Arjan launched his first profitable business, AD MARKETPLACE LLC, marking the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. With perseverance and dedication, he successfully scaled the business, allowing him to delegate day-to-day operations to his team of competent full-time employees. Currently, Arjan’s primary focus is on NO LIMIT DIGITAL, his consulting agency that specializes in serving the education industry.

Arjan Dhamija
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Arjan Dhamija’s thirst for adventure and his relentless drive to succeed are qualities that set him apart. When he’s not busy scaling his businesses, he channels his boundless energy into the sport of Muay Thai, aiming to take his skills to the amateur level. Beyond the ring, Arjan is a globetrotter at heart, documenting his travels on Instagram for his 20,000+ followers. But his ambition extends far beyond personal pursuits. With a laser focus on professional growth, Arjan’s primary goal is to expand his consulting agency NO LIMIT DIGITAL, which caters to the education industry. With his unwavering commitment to excellence, Arjan is on track to achieve great things. We can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next.

Can be followed on Insta handle: @arjandhamija

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