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Zion Jeng’s Global Groove and the Next Stop: New York

Zion Jeng's Global Groove and the Next Stop: New York
Photo courtesy: Mari Tuuk

By: Silvia Garcia

When people think of America, they always associate it with the American Dream, wherein anyone, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, can be successful in a society where upward mobility is possible for everyone. 

So, for Los Angeles-based keyboardist Zion Jeng, it was an opportunity to further his studies for his craft and eventually establish himself in the music industry. Besides being a keyboardist, Zion is also a bassist, vocalist, and music director, songwriter, and producer.

Zion, 28, was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. His father introduced him early to various musical genres, with some primary influences from Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, David Foster, John Williams etc. 

Moreover, thanks to his classical training, he began playing instruments when he was five. The exposure paid off as he discovered he could play by ear when he was 14. He was the only musician in his family. 

“I was playing a lot in church back in Taiwan at that point, and everything started building from there,” Zion shared. 

His calling was clear–and he eagerly pursued it. While in Taiwan, he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Music, focusing on production and keyboard, and began working soon after. He played in several gigs and one or two concerts, including one by R-Chord, a Taiwanese singer and actor known mainly for writing the lyrics of the song, “Gou Ai,” which played on the Taiwanese drama, The X-Family. 

Yet Zion knew that for his career to take off, he needed to change its trajectory. It was then he considered starting his music career in the USA. He moved to Hollywood, Los Angeles, when he was 25 and later graduated from the Musicians Institute, College of Contemporary Music with Certificates in Keyboard performance and Electronic music production. 

Since then, Zion worked as a freelance keyboardist in various projects and bands, like Henry Morris, Zana Messia, Airyen Vay, Grace & Moji, and more. He also works as a producer for a few artists and his solo projects and has been establishing his presence in the live music scene, having played recurring shows at the legendary Whiskey-a-Go-Go, The Viper Room, The Black Rose, and other notable LA venues like El Cid, Madame Siam, and more. 

This year, the promising artist will show off his musical prowess in various projects and shows and will come to work to New York. Zion Jeng will be flying to the Big Apple in April as the keyboardist and Producer for another artist, Leiguiya, and her debut single, “Those Curls.” Zion will also be working with one of his close college friends from Taiwan, Ryan Yang, on the same project. 

“The production is influenced by the genre of Gospel, and Ryan Yang has been closely working with great Gospel artists, producers, and engineers. I believe that he’s gonna be the perfect person to work with on this project,” Zion said. 

In the meantime, Zion will also be playing in the South by Southwest, an annual celebration where tech, film, music, education, and culture converge, making it the ideal venue for the young singer, songwriter, and producer to enthrall his audiences. 

“Playing at SXSW feels like a milestone for me. Getting this opportunity after graduating not more than a year ago has gained my confidence in being a musician here in LA,” the artist shared. 

Zion’s dedication to improve his craft and embrace it wholeheartedly paid off immensely, as he has been creating meaningful connections in the music industry while making a name for himself as an artist that audiences should look out for. 

Don’t miss out on the chances to listen to Zion live or by adding his touch to other artists’ music. 

Published by: Martin De Juan

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