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Young Artist Discovering His True Self in Art and Showing the World What He Has to Offer

Not many people can say that they live a life marked by the pursuit of passion. Joseph Yonke has been able to do that, but he’s not happy with experiencing that joy alone. So today, he’s on a mission to help other people discover what brings them fulfillment and encourage them to pursue that by showing them the benefits of a passion-driven life. 

Joseph is a young artist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He’s currently a student, but actively pursues painting on a professional level apart from his studies, hoping to make a dent in the art and creative space in the future. The 21-year-old artist is the grandson of the well-known painter Robert Yonke, who served as a source of inspiration and mentorship for the young artist growing up. 

“One of my fondest memories is the day I began to define the style of my paintings,” shares Joseph about his beginnings in art. “While working next to my grandfather in his garage studio, I applied heavy layers of oil and acrylic paint while mixing the mediums on the canvas’s surface and following his color relation and design lessons. Once the piece was finished, we realized I was progressing towards a unique style of my own.”

It was at that point that Joseph’s identity blossomed through his art. What marks his work is the abstract and figurative style he carries in his paintings. However, it’s hard to miss the presence of soul and heart in the painter’s work as he pours all that he is into every painting. Joseph began by mimicking and shadowing Robert as a child but soon found his own place in the workspace, creating iterations that presented a unique flair and technique. Most of Joseph’s work showcases an oil or acrylic paint output on canvas.  

To the artist, art is more than a hobby or pastime. It’s a way to translate emotions and the world’s musings through a visual manner for people to experience tangibly. He believes that art is not a luxury but a necessity to a life filled with meaning and purpose. True enough, art has become his source of sense as he uses art to share his unique perspectives of the world and connect with his audience.  

Joseph hopes to become a ray of hope for youth and to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps by serving as a mentor for other up-and-coming artists in the future.  “Every mentor of mine and every person I look up to has proven it is possible to find success in what you love doing,” adds Joseph. 

Joseph also hopes to one day work a job in advertising and enter an ad agency. However, he chooses not to limit his creative expressions to one field or profession but decides to expand his horizons. At only twenty-one years old, the world is his oyster, and he has a lot to discover still. Yet, his early foundations and successes prove that Joseph has a fantastic career ahead of him. 

To learn more about Joseph Yonke, visit his official website where you can learn more about the artist and see his works.

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