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Stacey Monique’s Continuous Rise in the Entertainment Industry

A person cannot have one too many dreams, and Stacey Monique is a prime example. The artist is set on expanding her repertoire in show business. She is a native from Bronx, New York who has various experiences in different fields of entertainment and the music industry. She is driven by a strong desire to build a reputation as an actress, singer, and songwriter.

Stacey has made a name for herself in the entertainment scene over the years because of the mastery of her craft and her ability to pour her creativity into projects that she hopes any person can relate to.

As an actress, Stacey starred in a few award-winning urban web series such as One2four, Juicy the Series, and The Bitch In 4B. She also participated in a few indie films like I Don’t Want Any Troubles, Gang Gang Gang, Back to Back Nightmare, Tamika and Tammie and DNR

In addition, Stacey dipped her toes in radio shows, allowing her to be the co-host of Under Lock N Key and Serious Tuesdays. She was previously known as an R&B singer but later switched to hip-hop. Just recently, Stacey released a song called “Thebitchin4b,” used as a title song for the web series The Bitch in 4B, which they filmed last October. The song is produced by dj_tecknic and written by Staxx Cordero, and a music video under Chris Swain Films just came out last Monday, December 6.

Stacey has done backup vocals for a variety of musicians over the course of her three-decade career. Her ability to change and adapt with time and different trends has kept her at the top of the industry as the first choice for many A-list artists, including the one in the latest generation. As of the moment, Stacey is continuing to promote vibrant and diverse hip-hop culture in the music industry, especially to younger audiences like Generation Z and Millenials.

Stacey’s perseverance in achieving success is evident in all of her accomplishments. She knows the value of hard work and motivation in attaining one’s life goals. Through broadening her knowledge and skills in the entertainment field, she is able to improve her talents. Despite the highly-competitive profession, she was able to show her tenacity and resilience. In retrospect, the obstacles and difficulties thrown her way made her a better artist and even more grateful. 

Currently, Stacey wants to focus more on her music endeavors. She continues to put all her dedication and passion into her craft and strives to make a more significant presence in the music industry. An EP single, her first one, is set to be released at the beginning of 2022, with songs written by Stacey herself in collaboration with Staxx Cordero. Yogi and dj_tecknic will be the producers of the project.

You can watch Stacey Monique’s “Thebitchin4b” music video on YouTube. You can also listen to the song on music streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, and Pandora. Check out her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to learn more about her.

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