Set and Costume Designer Christian Fleming Elevates Stage Productions With His Masterful Touch

The difference between a good stage production and a great one is design. While it might not be obvious to every audience member, the sets, costumes, sound, and lighting are integral pieces of the play creating atmosphere and context that allow the story and characters to come alive. Christian Fleming is an emerging stage designer to watch, elevating productions to new heights with his adept techniques and masterful execution of visual storytelling.

Christian Fleming is a Manhattan-based set and costume designer who has positioned himself as one of the young designers Broadway’s eyes are keenly watching. Starting out as an award-winning director on New York and regional stages, Christian has grown massively as an artist in a span of over a decade. This directorial background truly sets him apart as a designer who intimately understands how to tell a story and use all the elements available to a production to his advantage. After playing monumental roles in the success of many high profile productions, he channeled his love for world-building and dramaturgy into his artistic evolution as a designer. He holds an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama where he trained under noted designer Narelle Sissons. 

Christian’s designs have been lauded by audiences and critics alike, citing his innovative brilliance. He is a master storyteller with an equally masterful resume of great stage productions and uniquely captivating designs. 

He has captivated audiences with productions of “Beauty and the Beast,” “Spamalot,” “Light in the Piazza,” and, his latest design, Kyle Lang’s production of the Britton opera “Turn of the Screw” which was unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic. Christian Fleming is passionate about his craft; a meticulous artist who charms his audience no matter the production.

“With every production, I invent storytelling solutions that create context, establish focus, and activate the audience’s imagination,” says Christian. This philosophy was abundantly clear in his production “Light in the Piazza” staged at Carnegie Mellon. The production was an amazing display of his skill and captured the attention of USITT (United States Institute for Theater Technology, Inc.) who recognized Christian’s promise with the 2021 USITT Scene Design Award sponsored by Rose Brand at this year’s national conference: USITT Virtually Anywhere 2021. An impressive feat considering that USITT choses one emerging designer each year to recognize with this honor. 

Primed to launch Christian’s success, this award cements Christian as a designer to watch as his career progresses towards greater heights. As Broadway schedules its return after last year’s enforced shutdown and producers and directors begin to forge exciting new creative teams, we are excited to see what the celebrated designer creates next.

To know more about Christian Fleming and his overflowing talent, make sure to take a peek at his Instagram account. Visit his official website for a more in-depth dive into the acclaimed works of the artist himself.

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