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Rising Star Prøphet Continues to Be a Beacon of Light in the Global Music Industry

It’s undeniable that the world is facing dark times these days. There are countless issues that have come to light within society, as well as a ravaging global pandemic that has taken countless lives and impacted the entire world as we know it. In these destitute times, a genuine artist needs to rise up and speak the truth, and that voice comes from none other than the man known as Prøphet.

Prøphet’s artful music is rooted in soulful tones that reflect society through genuine lyricism since his musical debut. The rising star is revolutionizing the music industry with an approach centered around shedding light on the reality of the world, especially when it comes to discrimination of all forms.

Born in March 1997, Prøphet is a Neo-Soul artist straight out of Raleigh, North Carolina. He has experienced a genuine mastery of his craft, honing it throughout the years and fully realizing his capabilities in the process. Growing up, he always had the inherent capacity to be great at singing, a talent that he picked up from his mother, Karla Yvette Townsend.

Prøphet is a self-trained artist who has planted his artistic roots at an early age. His diverse background in music started at Powerhouse Church of Jesus Christ. Early on in his career, he has already established a name for himself as a songwriter for significant people within the music industry. 

He has also surrounded himself with equally talented individuals that have helped him realize his potential and forge his artistic visions, namely, his manager, Ron Lucas, and childhood friend Kamozie Williams, who has also made a name for himself as a skillful pianist. Nowadays, Prøphet is a renowned musical artist with his exceptional tone, endless voice range, and symbolic songwriting skills. 

Furthermore, he is inclined to compose original sounds that tackle social issues and hardships, garnering resounding respect and applause from his worldwide audience. During these dark times, Prøphet has found inspiration to speak up and use music as a weapon helping people feel empathy, understanding, and at times deliver a story of hardship unknown to many. 

When the global pandemic struck, Prøphet released a single called “Woke.” The song tackles the struggles of the African American community, emphasizing police brutality. The efforts of his message sparked attention overseas before it even hit the United States, touching and inspiring the hearts of many.  

Riding the wave of the massive success of his newly released single, Prøphęt started a visual podcast entitled Woke Wednesday, referencing his recent single. The show is focused on discussing the rampant concerns on racial issues, mental illness in the Black community, and even updating audiences on political debates. Recently, Prøphet also released his EP 1619 during Black History Month, with an ongoing release to be completed at the end of this year.

Overall, Prøphet is a necessary voice in our society today. As he continues to spread his message, he has been singing around the state while appearing as a guest in shows with a group called Carolina Waves, founded by K97.5 radio personality, Mir.i.am. Prøphet also opened a production company named Prophetic Productions, with a vision to give talented creatives a place to make their dreams come true.

To know more about Prøphet and listen to his latest tracks, make sure to follow him on Instagram. Take a listen to his music on Spotify and Apple Music.

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