Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Perfectly New J.Fla! Finally 1st Regular Album’s Pre-Single Poster has been Released!

J.Fla, who has the most subscribers in Korea, revealed her teaser image through her social media. Then, in 2022, she suddenly stopped uploading her content and confined herself, which blew fans’ curiosity, finally unveiling herself with her object image.

The image with J.fla looking out the window covering the sunlight with her hand in the littered room with dreamy light, saying “THE FIRST CHAPTER” and “Bedroom Singer.” The image presents her reveal day.

J.fla recently announced that she needed a long break due to her health problem through social media, but revealing these two images hints at her restoration and new activity informing her full-fledged return.

In 2019, J.Fla prized “Diamond Play Button” for her YouTube channel in Korea, making a record of 17.6M subscribers and 3.7B of cumulative views, expecting that it is rising whether she would be able to show a new side that she had never shown before.

Also, J.Fla released various teaser images, announcing the surprise release of the free single Bedroom Singer, and followed up with a release of a picturesque moving poster video through various social channels.

J.Fla’s appearance of a fluttering red dress sitting on a tree in a place that appears to be a remote planet, depicts a completely new fascinating atmosphere that is unlike what was seen on YouTube previously, raising curiosity about Bedroom Singer.

Through the credit poster released the day before, it was revealed that Bedroom Singer’s lyrics, composer, and arranger were all J.Fla, raising expectations for what she will show as a singer-songwriter going forward. In addition, many musicians are eyeing the perfection of the sound as it was revealed that John Hanes of MixStar Studio, the world’s best engineer who has won several Grammys, participated in mixing and Chris Gehringer of Sterling Sound participated in mastering.

After her contract’s termination with the UK Agency and reaching her 10th anniversary of her YouTube channel, J.Fla in preparation for her new future through Goodsen Entertainment in Korea is gaining attention from all over the world.

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