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Marqueshia Richardson Reminds Today’s Generation of Their Worth Through Lost at Birth Comics

It only takes a couple of scrolls up and down Instagram or a few minutes down the rabbit hole that is TikTok to realize that there remains a set of standards to which everyone is often compared. While society, as a whole, has made significant strides toward respecting individuality and celebrating uniqueness, expectations continue to force people to think, act, and look in certain ways. Through the LAB comics, Marqueshia Richardson hopes to counter the current norms and reassure teenagers across the globe that they are valued regardless of their physical appearance and background. 

Awe-inspiring and goal-oriented, Marqueshia Richardson is a multi-faceted personality who is no stranger to the struggles of life. Growing up, she became intimately privy to the harsh realities that those not born to privileges and resources have to contend with. Yet, amid the odds, she remained committed to her dreams, clinging to her faith and drawing strength from the Lord. Now, armed with an arsenal of skills and fueled by her belief in God, she sets out to make a name for herself and break the chains that have limited her family over the years. 

LAB or Lost at Birth is one of the purpose-driven initiatives that can be expected from Marqueshia Richardson. It stems not only from her creative mind but also that of a team of passion-fueled talents aiming to make a difference in the lives of today’s teens. At the core of this endeavor is the recognition that young people are inundated by advertisements, posts, and a barrage of information telling them their worth could be more if they’re skinnier, whiter, thinner, wealthier, and more emotionally stable. “We want to show them it’s okay to be unique. God loves them dark-skinned or not, with freckles or without,” shared the young go-getter at the forefront of this comic. 

This brainchild of Marqueshia Richardson started out as a seedling of an idea, but in 2020, it grew into a work of art that is bound to make waves upon its release. At the helm of LAB comics are Keveon Keggler, Theo, Jamie, Jayne, Cortina, Livingston, Forster, Austin L., Jocorey G, Henderson, Darnell Evans, Richard and a few other figures dedicated to translating the vision of launching a well-meaning comic into reality. 

Lost at Birth will bring readers along in the journey of superpowered teens by the name of Milo, Takara, and Jackson. Separated at birth, they have to find their purpose in life and overcome a series of obstacles, one of which is the evil perpetrated by their uncle Trognis who seeks to exact revenge. Apart from its incredible visuals and enticing storyline, the comic boasts an overarching message that people from all walks of life need to hear. “You are loved,” Marqueshia Richardson succinctly put. 

Learn more about Marqueshia Richardson by visiting her Instagram page. You can also follow her Instagram page for the comic @LostAtBirth and her acting page @female_blaade for more, The young Actor plans on turning the comic into a possible movie. 


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