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La from Treemix Entertainment is fast becoming a worldwide sensation to watch

In an era when music has somewhat lost its meaningfulness and has been reduced to vibes, rhythms and empty words, La from Treemix entertainment is an artist dedicated to staying connected to the meaning in his music.

Born to Darlene Brown, a middle child among two siblings, Dontelle and Tiara, the Cleveland independent music artist Alan Brown popularly known as LA from Treemix Entertainment, is fast becoming a worldwide inspiration. Since he entered into the music dom professionally in 2021, La from Treemix Ent. has been featured in blogs all around the world such as 24hiphop, Naga mag, Roadie Music, Speed on the Beat, Death or Desire, Blue Rhymez entertainment, Medium, Genius, and many more.

With over twenty music singles to his name and three music videos, LA from Treemix Ent. shows no sign of slowing down. Little wonder his name LA stands for “lyrics and ‘Ambition,’” of which he is not found lacking in both. He has also collaborated on a song with Dipset member Hell Rell, who also featured on the remix of his single, “Training Day.” Aside from creating music, he is also an avid tattoo artist.

On his journey into music, La recounts his early days as a young boy living on the East side of Cleveland, Ohio. He began music by freestyling and rapping for money in his neighborhood. Surrounded by poverty and violence growing up, La became determined to make a better life for himself and pursue his music even though there wasn’t a huge show of support.

For La from Treemix Ent., music is meaningful and deep, holding a lot of pain experienced throughout his life. Music, for him, has always been a passion-driven venture. His songs are authentic in their meaning, and he writes his music as a way of expressing himself and this pain.

This pain and stories from his life can be traced in his music. When LA met Ashley Marie Hall, he recounts that he met the love of his life when he was lost and needed love in his life. Her demise inspired this heartfelt song, “No friends,” which he dedicated to the love of his life and mother of two of his four kids, Marcus and Kiah.

“That’s where I met the love of my life.

At that time, I was lost and needed love in my life.”

Other songs like this exist, such as “Disassociated,” which was a reflection of the loss he had experienced when he lost a childhood friend to a drug overdose. With LA from Treemix Ent. music, his listeners find solace in his vulnerability, knowing that they are not alone in their journey through pain and loss. He also encourages them through his music to find purpose in that pain and to wield it to achieve goodness in the world.

Alan Brown, La from Treemix Ent. is a loving father of four amazing children, Marcus, who is autistic, Elijah, Kiah, and Karmen. He runs Treemix Ent. with his friend, Rxb Ram$ey. He is fluent in American Sign language, Spanish and English and adept at playing the piano.


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