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John Twilight’s debut single “Night Calls Me” Is Incredible

John Twilight adds a new vibrant color to the already vivid rainbow of modern EDM music. His debut single “Night Calls Me” offers a powerful yet vulnerable vocal performance. This past year he traveled to LA to re-record and rework the vocals with fellow writer and producer on the song “Perfetto”.The final product has garnered a lot of attention on Spotify and has lead to 4 unique remixes by some major artists in the industry.

DJ Perfetto is the brother of John’s brother in law and on a trip to visit him in his first LA studio, Twilight jumped in the vocal booth and sang over a new track Perfetto thought would be fire. The song has seen numerous versions and incantations since then but was reignited after John took a trip to LA in the spring of 2022 when he rewrote and re-sang some of the vocals with the help of Perfetto in his new Hollywood studio. Finally, on 5th August, the song got released under the label High End. Within a month of the release, the track reached 100k streamings on Spotify alone. A month later four different versions were in the works by ALRT, DotEXE, Valy Mo, and Going Deeper.

Each remix adds something fresh to the original single of Night Calls Me which captures progressive house. ALRTs remix keeps things simple and has a tech house vibe with his distinctive bass and speed house sound that has propelled him to fame. DoTEXE offers an extremely upbeat future bass groove, superb vocal chops, and an original composition. A classic house remix by Valy Mo is offered, which is ideal for both underground events and busy club hours. All of these are complemented by an explosive festival atmosphere in the Going Deeper remix.

Johns exposure to music from an early age came from his father who played alto saxophone for 50 years in the Washington Redskin Marching Band and raised him with big band, classical and blues music records. You can hear the early inspirations of Kurt Cobain, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson in his voice.

John will be recording much more music in 2023 and intends to release full- length records and singles in the EDM and Indie/Rock/Soul/Pop arena.

He continues to write and perform songs in LA and DC. He believes in the power of family and friends to challenge and push you into creating and pursuing an artist’s career. He believes “there is an art to living and that everyone is an artist, but it takes courage and persistence to produce truly excellent art that people will love and consume time and time again. You need to experience life, find out who you are, and look for real emotions and sentiments if you want to write a good song. If you look hard enough, you’ll find some shadow and then you can try shining some light on it.”


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