Edoardo Novello The Journey of a Visionary Film Producer
Photo Courtesy: Edoardo Novello / Stefano Dos Santos

Edoardo Novello: The Journey of a Visionary Film Producer

By: Amal Patir 

Edoardo Novello’s trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. His journey from the University of Bologna to Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and finally to the heart of Hollywood exemplifies the passion, determination, and vision that has shaped his rapidly growing career.

Born and raised in Italy, Novello was always drawn to visual storytelling. In his own words, he states: “It’s difficult to say when I first thought about making films. I remember that since a young age, I was instinctively attracted by the concept of memory being printed in our eyes. Like visual images to be recalled at command. I never read much in school, nor was I into philosophy (yet). Still, I always felt driven by the need to grasp what was hidden by the human eyes, revealed only in our minds.”

Novello’s academic journey was a testament to his dedication and commitment to his craft. He pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Studies at the University of Bologna, where he was awarded a prestigious Merit Scholarship. It was during this time that he honed his skills and developed his unique storytelling style, setting the stage for his future success in the film industry.

During his academic years in Italy, Novello delved deep into cinema, drawing inspiration from film theorists such as Bazin, Deleuze, Thompson, Bordwell, and Arnheim. He reflects on this period fondly: “During my years of film studies, I came across various theories and professors that filled my heart with pure, undebatable love for this art. I finally understood that my path had to be in the film industry, and I had to pursue this passion if I really wanted to be true to myself.”

Driven by this passion, Novello took his ambitions overseas, enrolling in the prestigious Master of Fine Arts program in Film Production with Directing Emphasis at Chapman University’s Dodge College in Orange, California. There, he secured a Graduate Fellowship and refined his filmmaking craft under the guidance of industry experts. The American film landscape offered him many opportunities and challenges, allowing him to broaden his creative horizons.

Combining his European artistic influences with the rigor of American film production, Novello has developed a unique storytelling style characterized by profound emotional depth, meticulous visual composition, and a global perspective. Edoardo has produced a range of distinctive projects that showcase his versatility, from thought-provoking independent films to impactful documentaries. His work explores themes of identity, memory, and the complexity of human relationships.

Novello continues to work on diverse projects, producing the work of talented directors and writers with the intention of bringing their compelling stories to the big screen. His upcoming slate includes: “Dancin’ Alone,” A feature film exploring the concept of individualism and the struggle for human connections in contemporary American society. “Scent of Blood”: A horror feature film that aims to mix supernatural, mythical elements with a heartfelt story about redemption and emotional growth.

Reflecting on his journey, Novello notes: “Many days, months, years have passed since I thought about starting my film producing career, and now I can’t wait to see in which new lands it will take me.” As Edoardo continues to push the boundaries of filmmaking, his commitment to authenticity and innovation remains unwavering. He represents a new generation of film producers who understand the power of storytelling in shaping people’s collective consciousness.

Edoardo Novello stands out as a visionary in a rapidly evolving film industry whose global perspective has redefined cinematic norms. His profound understanding of the emotional and psychological depths of human experience, coupled with his commitment to authentic and innovative filmmaking, positions him as a valuable voice in the global cinematic landscape. As he continues to create compelling narratives that resonate across cultures, Novello exemplifies the transformative power of cinema in shaping and reflecting the diverse stories of our world.


Published by: Khy Talara

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