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Alessia Merzlova: The Inspiring Woman Who Made Her Mark in New York

Alessia Merzlova
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Reaching the top in the competitive modeling world takes more than just good looks. Alessia Merzlova, a 27-year-old model and philanthropist, has proven that determination, hard work, and passion can lead to success, especially when your goal is to build a career in New York City.

Alessia began her modeling career in 2013 after she was scouted by numerous modeling agencies, eventually leading her to move to Singapore to start her career. From there, she relocated to France to work in Paris before finally going to the United States to pursue her dream in New York City.

She moved across continents not only because she wanted more opportunities but also because it was where she felt most comfortable — both in terms of lifestyle and culture. While living in Europe, she developed a passion for fashion design and artistry; this led her to become interested in art collecting as well as photography.

Alessia visited New York City for the first time in 2014 and was captivated by its energy and vibrancy. She quickly realized, however, that tackling New York would not be easy. Taking on the challenges of the New York modeling scene required her to be mentally and physically prepared. Despite her determination, she left New York and returned only when she was ready.

When Alessia returned to New York in 2018, she was immediately called to the Victoria’s Secret casting. There was no better time for her to seize this opportunity. Within a short period of time, she began working with some of the most highly regarded brands in the industry, including Nars Cosmetics, Laura Mercier, Michael Kors, Badgley Mischka, and Revolve.

There have been challenges along the way for Alessia’s success. She has had to overcome obstacles and deal with difficult times, making her even more determined to give back to her community. She regularly volunteered at the New York food bank, serving meals to the homeless and needy. She is also part of a charity campaign dedicated to educating the public about the real issues women face while battling cancer. Alessia aims to raise awareness and start conversations about cancer to show support for women who struggle with a terminal illness.

Charity has always been a significant part of Alessia’s life, and she remains grateful for the opportunities that have allowed her to give back. Despite her busy schedule, she still finds time to serve her community and help those in need.

In addition to her philanthropic work, Alessia has also achieved academic success. She graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in global economics in Chinese and English. For the past fifteen years, her fluency in both languages has opened doors for her and provided numerous opportunities throughout her career.

Alessia has worked with modeling agencies for nine years and is currently a member of Ford Models. In addition, she has traveled to work with many fashion designers in Spain, Japan, Germany, Australia, Italy, and France.

Alessia’s success story inspires women everywhere, showing that anything is possible with hard work and determination. She is a true role model for her success in the fashion industry and her commitment to giving back to her community. As Alessia continues to conquer the fashion world, she remains humble, grounded, and dedicated to making a positive impact in the world.

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