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Actor-Screenwriter-Humanitarian Stefanie Peti, “Want to Tell Real Stories Through My Writing”

Stefanie Peti is a woman of dreams and full of kindness. She is a talented actress who has made a name for herself in the film industry with her impeccable talent. Peti is also a skilled screenwriter and a renowned humanitarian. She hails from Spain and Uruguay and resides between LA and Madrid. After her graduation, Stefanie followed her dream of working in the film world and started by doing advertising campaigns and commercials. Her journey started in 2015 in LA; since then, she has never looked back.

Being an actor and humanitarian demands a lot of time from Stefanie Peti. But makes sure to strike a balance between her interests and doing good work. She is also an amazing screenwriter. When asked about what kind of stories she aims to tell through her writing, Stefanie shared, “I want to tell real stories, about real people in extraordinary situations. That’s why independent films are always my favorite. I always found truth in them. I don’t like Cinderella kind of stories. Those fairytales caused a lot of damage on the society.”

She added, “I believe Hollywood created the idea of Cinderella and Superman. Don’t misunderstand me, they are amazing cartoons and stories. But so many people grow up and have a lot of problems as an adult. It is sad when they realise that stories are not like Hollywood movies. I like to write stories with the real problems os society where we struggle, and we fight for what we want, and we can be vulnerable and real. There is nothing bad about telling the truth through cinema.”

Talking about her humanitarian work, Stefanie Peti works for two organisations to aid children who are deprived of basic needs and suffer from extreme poverty. One of the organisations for which she works is called The World of Children. Stefanie’s first trip to carry out her humanitarian work was in 2014 to Africa. She helped a lot of children there along with her team.

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