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365Live Delivers a Successful Event as It Raises Funds to Benefit Haiti Earthquake Victims

Despite the pandemic continuing to run rampant, more crises have come and gone, gripping the world in terror. Recently, the world was shocked by the news of a massive earthquake striking Haiti and leaving thousands to recuperate. In its wake, many have risen to provide aid however they can. Joining the cause is the brand 365Live, which has hosted a hip-hop concert dedicated to benefiting earthquake victims.

Founded in 2015, 365Live is a brand and app created to eliminate the inconvenience of being unable to enjoy oneself anywhere and in any way one desires. The app was conceptualized when the founder constantly ran into roadblocks, trying to find things he loved doing in his travels to other cities. At the time, social media had been the only source of information. However, when 365Live was created, many platforms started to spring up. Despite the competition, the app was able to thrive thanks to its system, pointing users in the right direction and finding fun things in unfamiliar areas. Since then, the brand has grown significantly.

Since its creation, 365Live has gained a reputation for delivering best-in-class entertainment to everyone’s city. In addition, the brand has been known for bringing the party, with most of its hosted events selling out quickly. By using location services, 365Live presents users with a reliable source of entertainment that covers events beyond live music, including art shows, brunch, and clubbing. Users can also browse for nearby events, book tickets, coordinate with friends, and RSVP to private events, giving them a unique experience.

Recently in Miami, Florida, a massive hip-hop concert was put together for the Labor Day weekend. Featuring highly sought-after names in the music industry like French Montana and Trey Songz, the two-day event was hosted by EZ Stevie, an acclaimed musician and South Florida local, and Yes Juelz, among many others. 

The event, which kicked off on Saturday, welcomed 3,000 guests in attendance as they welcomed performances by French Montana, MoneyBagg Yo, Est Gee, CJ, Major Nine, Chinese Kitty, Bizzy Crook, and Yung Reece. After enduring months of depression following lockdown, the event brought unmatched energy from the performers and audience. The artists delivered what critics deemed to be their best performances yet. Even as the first day came to a close, the electrifying crowd continued the festivities, bringing their energy to the after-party at Vendome Nightclub.

On the second day, Yes Juelz took over as the host in one of the most beloved venues of South Florida. While the audience turnout lessened by a thousand, the evening continued to generate the same vibe as the previous night The City Girls, Trey Songz, Shenseea, Chinese Kitty, and Mariah Angeliq giving the people in attendance a night they won’t soon forget. Once the event concluded, 365Live again carried the party to the Vendome Nightclub, with French Montana serving as the host.

While the Labor Day Weekend event served as an opportunity to celebrate 365Live’s new platform, the extravaganza was also instrumental in raising additional funds to aid Haiti’s disaster relief for food, shelter, and supplies to repair the infrastructure. With the event’s success, 365Live is enthusiastic to carry more events, strictly implementing the same CDC Guidelines that required guests to wear masks upon entry.

Learn more about 365Live by visiting their official website. You can also reach out to them through Facebook or Instagram.

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