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VIP Influencers Bring Awareness to Orphan Myth’s Cause

Orphan Myth’s recent NYC Gathering took place on September 24, 2021, at the Friars Club. The event was intended to boost awareness for the nonprofit’s platform and generate fundraising for the organization. Model and actress Xen Sams attended and organized the event. Also in attendance were bodybuilder and entrepreneur Armand Peri and model and former heavyweight boxing champion Rudy Bundini.

About Orphan Myth

Orphan Myth is a 501(c)3 organization composed of NGOs, child advocacy specialists, influencers, faith leaders, businesses, and individuals. The group focuses on empowering, educating, and dispelling myths surrounding orphans in today’s society. It aims to rally support for orphans, increase awareness across the nation, and support children who are in orphanages. 

The name Orphan Myth refers to the three myths about orphans that the organization works to dismantle. The first myth is that kids in orphanages have no family, when in fact most children in orphanages do have a family. A large percentage of kids in orphanages have at least one parent that is still living, and many have siblings that are separated from them. Much of this separation is due to poverty. 

The second myth is that there are no orphans in America. Orphan Myth works to bring awareness to the 420,000 plus orphans that are in America today and in need of support, reunification with their families, or a new, loving home.

Finally, Orphan Myth works to disprove that America can’t solve these problems. With the right support and education, there will be an end to these problems that many children in America face. 

Orphan Myth’s Mission: Changing Children’s Lives

The Orphan Myth campaign has three main goals. First, the organization aims to rally support for kids in orphanages across the country. This is done by hosting events and encouraging support with the help of influencers. Orphan Myth influencers host events, create encouraging videos, and help with media coverage. 

The organization also works to increase awareness about orphans in America by dismantling the three myths. It educates at events and in media posts, as well as circulating videos by influencers. Ultimately, Orphan Myth is able to increase awareness on important topics, demonstrating how to provide the support that kids in orphanages need. This also helps them gather resources for the children in orphanages, as fundraising and support donated by those who have been reached by this increased awareness campaign can provide funding. 

Orphan Myth has reconnected families, provided support for struggling households, and found homes for those in need. Their team is made up of child advocacy specialists, partners, experts, and influencers. With the help of the Orphan Myth influencers and team, Orphan Myth is changing the lives of children every day. 

Notable People in Attendance at the NYC Gathering

Using VIP influencers, Orphan Myth is able to garner awareness and public interest in its philosophy and work efforts. Xen Sams organized the September 24 event. Orphan Myth influencers Rudy Bundini and Armand Peri were also in attendance, as was Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Kweku Mandela. 

Xen Sams

Xen Sams has modeled, acted, and mentored across the globe. She began her career with New York’s “Elite Model Management”, modeling for top influential brands and photographers. Her modeling appeared in international commercials and campaigns. 

Shortly after beginning her modeling career, Xen transitioned into acting. She has since starred in multiple TV shows and movies, including Treadwater, The Protocol, and The Banker. She will appear in Rock Paper Scissors and Gully in upcoming months. She has a love for helping others and advocates for others through her philanthropic work, including teaching at Ensemble Artists NYC. 

Rudy Bundini

Rudy Bundini is a former heavyweight boxing champion. Born in Switzerland, Rudy began boxing early on. As a gold-medalist in multiple competitions, he made it to the pre-qualifiers for the London Olympics. However, while there, he suffered a shoulder injury that permanently put him out of boxing. After the injury, Rudy moved on to modeling and began a career in Dubai. 

Currently based out of New York, Rudy models for top brands including Nike, Armani, and Calvin Klein. He has grossed more than two million Instagram followers and is a well-known social media influencer. His influential career also now includes acting gigs and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. 

Armand Peri

Armand Peri is the CEO of New Age Productions, Inc., an entertainment company that is based out of New York. He is also the owner of New Age Public Relations Agency. New Age PR Agency and New Age Productions, Inc., are some of the most popular New York-based entertainment organizations and PR Firms in the industry. 

In addition to these two successful endeavors, Armand Peri is a renowned bodybuilder and model. In the 1990s, he won competitions internationally for bodybuilding. His success with bodybuilding has earned him several modeling gigs and awards. Because of his impressive success in both entrepreneurship and bodybuilding, Armand Peri also does motivational speaking to inspire others to achieve the sort of success that he has found in life. 

How You Can Support Orphan Myth

Kids in orphanages deserve to have a family. Become a part of the solution by supporting Orphan Myth! You can attend upcoming Orphan Myth events and help spread awareness via social media. By attending events and supporting Orphan Myth’s cause, you’re helping to put children into safe, loving families.  

Orphan Myth gladly accepts donations through its website or at its events. Donations are also accepted to partnering organizations, such as 1Million Home, America’s Kids Belong, and A Family for Every Orphan. Visit to learn more, follow on social media, and donate to the cause.

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