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The Role of Social Issues in Modern Education

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Meta description: Modern education is driven by many factors, and it is greatly changing every few years. Social issues have played a big role in reshaping education, and they will continue to do so in the future as well.

Modern society is highly dynamic and has a high frequency of change. Education is important in influencing fast-evolving societies. Schools provide the first opportunities for learners to interact with people outside family boundaries. They meet with people from diverse races, backgrounds, and social classes. 

Each learner brings to school a variety of social issues. Combined, the issues could affect learning, discipline, and student character. The issues include poverty, differences in gender, culture, and parenting. They have a major role to play in modern education. 

How economic issues affect modern education

In modern life, money is a necessity that cannot be ignored. Parents need money to educate their children. Students need money, too, to meet their day-to-day needs. Modern education is technology driven and prepares students to work in a digital environment. In a single school, you will find learners from different social-economic backgrounds. Some have everything they need, while others lack a variety of things. Those who lack might find it tougher to achieve education goals. There are many social problems in education, but economic issues top the list. 

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Socialization as a function of education

The major goal of education is to prepare a knowledge-oriented generation. It helps meet a variety of societal needs. Socialization is a key function of modern education. It is in school where children learn values, norms, and skills for survival in society. They learn the value of respect, competition, individualism, and patriotism. 

Stakeholders must agree that many social issues in education are a barrier to learning. They include poverty, gender, racism, security, and social classes. They impact the implementation of socialization as a function of education in multiple ways. 

Ethnic issues and their impact on education 

Students have equal learning opportunities regardless of their ethnic background. However, when handled wrongly, ethnic issues have the potential to hinder learning. A student’s learning capability is not based on their race. 

Nevertheless, learners from a certain ethnicity may have limited access to learning resources. The student may develop low self-esteem, which could affect their learning abilities. Ethnicity is one of the major education social issues that affect modern learning. 

Gender issues and learning

For many years, society has always given women lesser roles compared to men. It is not surprising to find this notion is still strongly embedded in modern society. Due to this, you will find women enrolling in courses they believe are ‘friendly’ to women. 

Girls are harassed more in schools than boys. Such issues should not be heard of in modern education. Society should focus on giving both gender equal education opportunities. When equal learning opportunities are not provided, the goal of education is never met. 

Diverse social-cultural background issues

Schools bring together learners from diverse social-cultural backgrounds. Some have both parents, while others have one parent. Some students have learned to use and influence others to use drugs. Regardless of such social issues in education, teachers still have to teach. It is harder to teach students who are not sober due to the use of drugs. It adversely affects their discipline and delinquency. 

Some students have been taught to be aggressive by their parents or society. Many bullies in schools learn the vice from the society they come from. Instead of teaching, teachers spend more time dealing with discipline issues. Even though they are expected to deliver quality education, teachers cannot achieve the expected goals. 

Ethical issues in education

One of the major education social issues that affect learning is ethical issues. They include bullying, social inequity, cheating, and challenges in exam grading. There have been discussions on whether to allow mobile phones to be used in the classroom or not. Whether to wear a uniform or not has been a major issue of discussion. They impact the success of modern education in multiple ways. 


Education prepares students to live in a dynamic modern society. Unfortunately, a lot of social problems in education impact its expected outcomes. Schools bring together learners from diverse backgrounds. They come from different races, social classes, and families. If not carefully addressed, they have the potential to affect education goals. Varying economic abilities in families affect access to learning resources. A learner could be living in a society where crime is the norm. Such a learner could be involved in crime in the school.

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