Thursday, February 22, 2024

XIX International led by Swapnadip Roy and Paulius Stankevicius to bring MENA trading companies to international markets

Dubai’s XIX International is looking to take a leading position in local MENA market as capable trade management consulting firm to bring producers and suppliers of various products and commodities to international markets to lock deals and negotiate terms with international clients.

XIX International positioning in the local MENA market is limited to guidance and advice on trade deal management. Parters of XIX International are general trading professionals in global markets with extensive experience having consulted over 1,000 clients worldwide including Fortune 500 companies.

XIX International tends to solve a problems of turbulence in general trading sector where buyers and sellers are not finding the middle ground of understanding. The typical problem is cultural difference in terms of how business is being done in the local areas. While one business party might prefer a certain method of doing business, the opposite party may not understand that specific method and would prefer to do business in their own way. Getting companies to compromise can be difficult and very challenging, which usually leaves business unfinished and unexecuted.

“At XIX International, we solve clients’ problems by bringing new perspective and relevance to the deal making” – adds, XIX International partner, Swapnadip Roy.

For this reason alone of clarity, XIX International stands to provide vision and strategy for both, the buyer and the seller, in order for both parties to conduct business successfully.

One of the main markets that XIX International is targeting is the local MENA region. Middle East based companies trading with each other experience other risks disregarding the cultural difference. Payment terms and delivery execution at times can seem very far apart. XIX International tends to bring the sides closer to each other and minimize the gap to a size that is reasonable enough for both parties to trust each other in order to make the business work.

XIX International positions themselves to lead the Middle East trading sector to global markets with advanced strategy and professional guidance from experts.

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