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Travel Blogger Kfir Amos Expands to Create Online Brands for Clients: How an Entrepreneur Uses Digital Expertise to Advise on Travel, Branding

Reaching people online in an effective way is easier said than done. The internet is saturated with blogs and advice columns, making it hard to stand out. But one entrepreneur and digital content creator is impossible to ignore as his love for traveling and helping other businesses shines through his work.


Creating an online presence through travel blogging

Veteran and travel enthusiast Kfir Amos has explored the world and taken readers along for the ride on his blog, “Traveling with Style” and Instagram @travelingwithstyle_. The blog was launched in 2003 after his time in the military. As Kfir explored different places, like Bangkok and Phi Phi Islands in Thailand, he began writing posts. Readers could learn about sites he had seen and hotels that he stayed at. This became a full-time career as he adventured to other countries, such as the Philippines, Vietnam, the US, China, Canada, and Japan.

The blog helped people plan their own trips through Kfir’s expert recommendations and travel hacks. Giving the audience a front-row seat to the adventure makes the site unique and inspires them to visit. The idea grew and grew, and now clients can receive help from the Traveling with Style team planning itineraries and booking accommodations. Pretty soon, Kfir had successfully created a brand for himself as the go-to guy for travel advice.


Helping businesses establish stronger brands

As someone who has firsthand knowledge about building a brand from the ground up, CEO Kfir Amos is now using his experience to help others. He later created a social media agency based in San Jose, California called Bay Tech Media. The internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and website design company works to help clients who want to grow online brands for themselves. With digital platforms becoming more and more important for businesses, Bay Tech Media can help them with social media management, brand development, content creation, and consulting. Kfir knows just how much work is involved in keeping up with digital trends and executing strategies alone. The team has been successful in supporting brands and establishing a stronger online presence for them. With the help of a strong team, businesses have been able to mimic Kfir’s success by developing the best online image possible.

Bay Tech Media’s mission is to support small, local businesses to get the recognition and awareness that they deserve. “We are true believers in helping others for the betterment and a better world,” CEO Kfir Amos said. “We care for each one of our clients and we are available for them any time a day.”

Kfir’s experiences go hand in hand in the sense that reliable online messaging has gotten him far. From travel blogger to entrepreneur, he has used his content creation skills to propel his career and help others do the same. Kfir’s advice to people aspiring to start their own business is to never give up and never underestimate clients.

For more information on Kfir Amos and how Bay Tech Media helps build brands, visit the business’ website here.

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