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Tiffany Williams-Parra Joins the Train for Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour

Shawn Fair’s Leadership experience tour has brought on board many speakers of repute across various areas. A recent addition to that glowing lineup is Tiffany Williams-Parra, a health transformation coach, mastermind facilitator, certified life coach, fitness trainer, bestselling author and the Editor-in-Chief of Phenix Fitness Fanatics Magazine, “Elevating Your Mind, Body, & Spirit.” 

Shawn Fair’s membership in the Forbes Coaching Council and his reputation as one of the most coveted corporate consultants have made his Leadership Experience Tour a notable event that many people look forward to. In addition, his leadership training experience and expertise have played a significant role in spotting speakers worthy of being part of his exclusive leadership club. Choosing Tiffany Williams-Para is not any different.

Tiffany Williams-Parra got into the health and fitness space in 2008 when she discovered she was not living at maximum capacity due to stress and a poor diet. She set out to fix that problem and got on a fitness journey that helped her shed 100 lbs. of body weight. At that point, she realized that poor health goes beyond physical weight. She got herself well-grounded in treating the body to a wholesome experience that encompasses getting rid of physical, mental, spiritual and financial weights. “When you realize these things run hand in hand, the battle is already won, but you MUST believe in the process,” she said. She began to help others get rid of all those weights as a service, marking the beginning of her brand.

Tiffany has built her brand as an online trainer who offers online workouts, group health coaching and individual transformational coaching. “People have so many things they’re dealing with as the root cause of what is blocking them from their goals. My programs and services are designed to help my clients elevate physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially with healthy lifestyle changes,” she described. “People struggle to get the drive to move, and this is often because they don’t know how to act. I teach my clients to show up, no matter what,” she noted.

Tiffany Williams-Parra shares knowledge regularly on her social media platforms, where she shares everything she does to stay fit physically and mentally. She has maintained a strong connection with her clients and audience and works with them to achieve their fitness goals in all ramifications of their lives.

Through the Leadership Experience Tour, Tiffany hopes to lead people to take charge of their physical, mental, spiritual and financial health. She hopes to capture an audience of women above forty trying to figure out how to release weight as they age. As well as other categories of audiences seeking healthy lives. Tiffany’s leadership in the fitness world comes with experience and living through the experience of many people, which has made it easy for her to maintain a high level of transparency.

Leveraging Shawn Fair’s influence and reach with the Leadership Experience Tour, Tiffany hopes to connect with hundreds of thousands of people in the United States and the rest of the world and show them how to lead healthy lives in all spheres of their lives.

Learn more about Tiffany Williams-Parra on her official website.

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