The Man Behind the Dream: Patrick Ductant of Billionaires Row on the True Meaning of Luxury

Patrick Ductant is a Haitian American business professional who has built a successful career in the Domestic Commercial Real Estate Sector, Entertainment & Private Events, Private Equity, and most recently, as the Co-Founder of his luxury brand Billionaires Row.

Ductant knows a thing or two about luxury. 

He and his partner William Benson made good on their aim to perfect their signature Champagne Brut Rosé – now it’s certified officially in France and the U.S., and enjoyed by celebrities such as Mark Zuckerberg and the Kardashians. 

Then they expanded in the high-end spirit world, through their “delicate and complex, perfectly balanced” Cuvée XO Cognac; critically acclaimed by the food and beverage elite. Billionaires Row has not let up, but continued to expand with its current focus: alkaline water. 

But Ductant has always lived by his own definition of style and luxury. “We’re a Black-owned industry leader who is setting the bar for what elegance means. We know that luxury isn’t just about what’s in your bank account. It’s a lifestyle.” 

A Path to Discovery 

Ductant might be leading global trends with his high-end luxury brand, but life hasn’t always been easy. 

“Thinking back on years spent in Foster care, or losing family members at a young age– there are so many points when I could have given up. But I always knew I was chosen on this journey for a reason.” 

In fact, it was Ductant’s experience as a young man working on the RMS Queen Mary 1 and Queen Mary 2 that led him to his expertise in luxury. 

“Understanding customer service and experience led me to embody that very feeling of comfort in my current brand. My time working on those ships awakened something in me – that enjoying life’s small luxuries is in itself a luxury, and we all deserve to partake in that feeling.” 

I Wanted to Do it the Right Way 

Ductant advanced further from his days on those iconic vessels, to marrying Julia Ductant, a Sri Lankan beauty and mogul in her own right. This marked a milestone that led him deeper into his life of affluence– entering the world of home ownership.

As one of 9 siblings, Ductant was the first to get married. “I didn’t go to college, but I was the first one to purchase a home. I had to be a light – my brother was incarcerated and my father passed away; I had to become that father figure.” 

Now, a father to daughter Zoey and son Zak, Ductant seems to have mastered the path of good fortune. 

“Getting into real estate and purchasing my first home at the age of 21 made me realize that as an entrepreneur, you can accomplish anything. People don’t truly believe they’re capable, and that’s where they falter. I knew I could definitely do it, so I ended up buying a second property soon after my first. My confidence and clarity of vision led me there.” 

Luxury might just be that state of knowing you deserve, and will undoubtedly accomplish your objectives without a single forecast of doubt.

I Had to Taste the Grapes

Keeping his memories of the RMS Queen Mary 1 and 2 close to his heart, Ductant set his sails for further expansion. 

With the launch of Billionaires Row on the horizon, Ductant took the leap to personally visit France. 

“We were making French champagne and regional Cognac. This is where it was born. You think you know luxury, and then you go to Paris – it changes you.

“I had to learn the stories of the monks, to sleep in a castle. I had to go to the grapes, literally pick and taste the grapes – I had to dive deep into understanding what I was going to invest in.”

Ductant holds firm in that wherever there is an opportunity to invest, he cares about having a true impact. His focus on communing with the essence and roots of the Billionaires Row products set the stage for their global acclaim. 

Fast forward to Billionaires Row’s wildly successful launch in 2020, taking off first in Florida and then nationwide– and then, you guessed it, in France– who gave their stamp of approval and even further elevated the global notoriety of the brand.

Giving Back

For Ductant, the end goal of business success isn’t just personal fulfillment. “It’s about how do we empower others to be great?” That means setting the tone for how to consume, how to celebrate, and how to curate a rich, decadent, and equally meaningful lifestyle. 

Ductant’s partner Benson has previously shared, “A core reason that brought me into the industry was the lack of Black imagery in correlation to who deserves to be luxurious. Our Black excellence comes out of respect and acknowledgment of the community surrounding us.” 

Ductant continues, “We want everyone who tastes our spirits to feel like ‘billionaires.’ We all deserve a taste of luxury, and have the great opportunity to cultivate it.” 

What else does Ductant do to maintain his high-end vibes?

“Study. Alan Watts. Jordan Maxwell. Learn from the greats. And, of course, spending time with my kids. Playing any sports with my kids means more to me than I can put into words. And always, I go where people don’t believe they can go. Seriously. Nothing on earth will satisfy me until I land on Mars.” 

We’ll be on the lookout for the continued acceleration of his star power. 

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Billionaires Row luxury products are available at and major retailers worldwide. 

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