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Sui Generis Entertainment & Travel Aims to Revolutionize Trip-Planning by Making Custom Tailored Luxury Excursions for VIP Clients

With the advent of modern technology merging with traditional traveling, navigating the globe has never been easier and more accessible to people, and this newfound accessibility opened a new gateway for aspiring travelers to find new and unique travel experiences. For this reason, Carlos Alvarez, the founder of Sui Generis Entertainment & Travel, opted out of the traditional pre-made itineraries and developed his way of giving clients unique experiences.

Travelling had always been a part of Alvarez’s life. From a young age, he began traversing and exploring the globe with his uncle, which invigorated his passion for traveling and geography. With these newly acquired interests and the skills he learned along the way, he started planning trips for his friends and family. With this continual growth, he also studied how to work on logistics and create very detailed itineraries, which eventually developed a healthy customer base. 

Eventually, he met his wife, Ana Laura, and they made his passion continually grow. Alongside Ana, a seasoned traveler like Carlos, he started Sui Generis Entertainment & Travel, a boutique luxury travel company that tailored and personalized global travel experiences. The company also boasts a worry-free system for the client. They do everything for the customer. From logistics to location planning, they promise that they have everything covered.

Boasting a combined traveling experience of traversing over 63 countries, they’re able to build itineraries for everyone and are further sending their clients to stunning destinations in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East, among other locations.

The Alvarez family has built and maintained a very loyal community of repeat clients, each time with new unique experiences. With a ten-year tenure in the travel industry, Sui Generis Entertainment & Travel provided service to hundreds of clients, their friends and families around the globe. They scheduled, booked and planned unique and unforgettable itineraries for their clients, wherever time zone they may be.

Their connections to local hotels and resorts also ensure they provide their clients access to the best services offered by a city or a destination. They also establish connections with the local officials, makings the trip secure and safe for the clients. 

To ensure that a traveler’s experience is unique, they extensively research the current travel hotspots using algorithms and internal tools. Once done, they make a catalog and itinerary for a client. With this endless possibility, they can provide their clients with the most immersive and personal travel experiences they can have. May it be a weekend getaway, all-inclusive family vacations, transformational expeditions, honeymoon excursions, individual soul-searching trips, and so much more!

That being said, Sui Generis Entertainment & Travel is the top-tier travel-booking company in the industry for high-end VIP travelers looking for the most luxurious adventures anywhere on the globe.

About Sui Generis Entertainment & Travel

Sui Generis Entertainment & Travel, Inc is a luxury travel company that offers the best immersive global travel experiences. The brainchild of Carlos and Ana Laura Alvarez, Sui Generis provides custom planning for your next trip. In addition, they make one-of-a-kind experiences for families, friends, weddings and solo wanderers. To learn more about them, you may visit these websites:

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