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Shawn Fair on Choosing Justina Peterson to Become Part of The Leadership Experience Tour Program

Different reasons may fuel people to thrive and succeed. Some may have climbed the pinnacles of greatness to gain money or fame, while others may have reached impressive heights to catalyze change across the world. In the case of Shawn Fair, success comes in the form of possessing the ability to make a difference. While individuals aim to make a name for themselves for a variety of reasons, Shawn is bent on becoming an instrument of transformation for others. On a mission to spark action among go-getters and dreamers, Shawn Fair decides to launch the Leadership Experience Tour Program.

The Leadership Experience Tour Program is a highly exclusive club for exceptional speakers across the globe, meticulously created and chosen by a visionary, Shawn Fair. Being one of the most coveted consultants for major corporations in the United States, Canada, and Europe and a member of the Forbes Coaching Council, the powerhouse thought it best to dedicate his career towards amplifying purpose-driven initiatives designed to make a difference. By believing in the power of strengthening others in their pursuits, Shawn Fair chooses Justina Peterson, a changemaker whose passion lies in creating a better world for women who suffer from physical and substance abuse.

More than being an influential figure in the coaching arena, Justina Peterson also serves as a much-needed voice for women looking to change their lives for the better. For years, this certified life coach and writer has seen women experience struggle every day, including her own. But instead of allowing her tribulations to overpower her, Justina persevered to change her circumstance. Years down the road, Justina graduated from the University of Albany, New York. Today, she is the founder and CEO of several trailblazing enterprises, such as Will PowHer Tribe and Justina Peterson & Associates.

By refusing to become overwhelmed with the circumstances that surrounded her in the past, Justina Peterson managed to rise above despite the numerous adversities she had to face over the years. From being a victim of physical and substance abuse to becoming a well-renowned coach and entrepreneur, she has come a long way, demonstrating how one can still have the power to change their circumstance despite coming from humble beginnings. Fueled by the growth she has achieved over time, Justina solidifies herself in the coaching arena by becoming the voice to the voiceless and representative to the underserved.

“There is a need to show women that they have the freedom to change their circumstances,” Justina Peterson shared. “It is about time to lead them towards greatness and allow these potential powerhouses to let go and grow,” she added.

In the coming years, Justina Peterson is expected to expand her horizons, assisting more women in their path towards achieving personal growth. By opening multiple firm locations and housing programs, this emerging powerhouse is on her way to drive change and transform lives, being one step closer to achieving her lifelong vision of a better world. Through these initiatives, Justina is bound to take the industry by storm.

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