NY Weekly’s 10 Female Entrepreneurs in 2021

It has only been four months since the year started, and already, women are making headlines. Dealing with the lingering traces of a persistent pandemic is no easy feat. With new COVID-19 variants being reported every day and vaccines still in circulation, the economy continues to recover from the enforced break it took last year.

However, this does not seem to pose a problem for the powerhouses listed below. Rising above industries as unstoppable forces, female entrepreneurs are taking the lead in elevating the existing situation. Through innovative efforts and analytical tactics, these women are taking charge and improving the markets at neck-breaking speed. 

Marking 2021 as a year of success and productivity, here are the top ten female entrepreneurs dominating the corporate scene:

1. Oprah

Photo courtesy: Joe Pugliese/August

Born on January 29, 1954, Oprah Gail Winfrey is a famous American talk show personality, author, producer, actress, and philanthropist. As the host of one of the country’s highest-rated programs, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah is an internationally well-loved figure.

Her success story, which details her rise from poverty and horrific abuse, is regarded as among the most compelling stories to date. She has since immortalized her life’s work through writing after co-authoring five books and the monthly publications of O: The Oprah Magazine, which ran from April 2000 to December 2020.

Throughout her extensive career, Oprah has been ranked as one of the world’s most “influential” and “powerful” women by esteemed publications, the likes of Forbes, TIME, and CNN. She continues to be an inspiration to readers and viewers worldwide. 

Instagram: @oprah

Website: www.oprah.com

2. Sísí Gonzalez

Seomara “Sísí” Gonzalez is the Director of Client Services for 180 South Group, an elite brand management agency ranked #13 Fastest Growing on the INC 500, and #24 in Global Marketing and Advertising.

Hailing from Brooklyn, Sísí began her journey into branding and hospitality as a VIP host at various clubs throughout NYC. Now, working alongside global entrepreneurs and thought leaders, including Emmy Award-winning producers, Grammy Award-winning clients, and a CEO who just delivered his second TED talk, Sísí is positioned to rise quickly among industry giants offering creative services to some of the world’s premier artists and brands.

For worldwide bookings, please contact: info@180southgroup.com. 

Instagram: @seomaragonzalez

Website: www.180southgroup.com


3. Jeannette Mead

Photo: Jeannette Mead and Jeremy Slade featured in Times Square New York.  April 1, 2021

Jeannette Mead of Napa, California is a renowned celebrity designer, philanthropist, and co-owner of the luxury brand “Jeannette &  Slade.” Her brand’s extensive collection of handmade jeweled leather bags and accessories has marked her as a veritable trendsetter and a leader of the 21st century’s best looks.

Her advocacies in partnering with local businesses in Africa and her reputation as a top entrepreneur have captured the attention of numerous media channels. Jeannette Mead has been featured on CBS, FOX, NBC, London Daily Post, and billboards in Los Angeles and New York Times Square, to name a few.

At present, the ingenious creative is working on a new Jeannette & Slade location in Dubai and at AG Fashion Club in Beverly Hills 90210. 

Instagram: @jeannetteandslade


4. Lilit Voguer Sargsyan

Lilit Voguer Sargsyan is an Armenian social media influencer, blogger, marketing specialist, TV host, humanitarian, and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. 

Renowned for her passion and talent for elevating businesses, Lilit has worked with numerous companies. With over five years of experience in different industries, she has developed digital marketing and management expertise. Her loyal and extensive clientele spans from world-class, giant corporations to emerging local ventures, securing Lilit’s help in establishing and growing a social media presence. 

While assisting companies in building an audience, Lilit Voguer Sargsyan is also a rising fashion entrepreneur and trendsetter. Her online boutique, LilVogue Collection, showcases Lilit’s creativity through her fashion-forward, unique clothing line.

Instagram: @lilitvoguer 

Facebook: @lilitvogue 

5. Linda Washington

Linda Washington, singer of “Love Again” ft. Superstar Lamar and breast cancer survivor, launched the Kindle version of her book, Forbidden and Broken Finding Love Behind the Scars on Amazon. The book covers her heart-touching and inspiring journey from her pre-treatment life of hopes and happiness to a post-treatment life of rejection and empty sympathetic looks. Linda is now living in Phoenix as a nurse, but now through her book, she wants to spread hope and tell the world how she came back stronger and ever successful. 

The mother of four, Linda Washington, has recently rolled out her new single called “Need Love” featuring famous superstar Lamar. Through her song, Linda wants to project and permeate love into the hearts of breast cancer survivors by making them believe that they are still as important as they were before diagnostics and that their identity is far greater than just being pinned down to belittling breast cancer tag.

Linda Washington is an inspiring figure for all the survivors. Going from a pile of rejections, diffidence, and receding to herself for 10 years to being an author, a singer, and a figure appearing on billboards in New York makes for an awe-inspiring biography. 

Twitter: @lin2003

6. Sharon Terry

Champagne, a.k.a Sharon Terry, was born and raised in Rochester, NY. A renaissance woman of sorts: author, screenwriter, actress, motivational speaker, executive producer,  entrepreneur, and model. Her recent acting credits include the role of Vanessa in a comedy by Unc Trent, I’ll Drink To That, Living the Dream (film), and a web series In Between Jobs. Champagne recently penned an urban fiction release, The Goddess of Lust, Love & Infatuation Part 1, Blissful Lust Part 2, and an anthology entitled Dark Memories.  

Her credits include prominent radio interviews on the following shows: The DJ Gatsby Show, The Beautiful Butterfly Radio program, Vibration Radio, Good Deeds Radio, On the Rise Radio, Highly Unique Radio, Face the Reality Radio, The Authors Show, African Online Broadcasting, Big Body Broadcasting, The Situation Room, WXIR 100.9, HOT914, and TPN Live.

Champagne has been nominated twice as Author of The Year in the Rocawards, Top Female Author of 2019 & the Author Academy Awards. This talented lady is also a published print & runway model through Hass Entertainment. She has graced the stages of several high profile fashion shows that include “The night of Elegance & “The Summit” in New York city, during world renowned Fashion Week. 

Instagram: @authoresschampagne

Facebook: Sharon Champagne Terry

Website: www.champagnebooks1.com 

7. Kellsie Moore

Kellsie Moore is the top video performance coach for high-achieving entrepreneurs to become their best selves in life and on camera! Her unique, insightful expertise comes from her work as a professional actress and personal development background after leaving her career in corrections. As a sought-after speaker, founder, and digital CEO, she empowers personal brands to optimize their on-camera presence with authenticity, excellence, confidence, and charisma to create better connections and conversions online. She has an incredible Camera Confidence Bundle available for you on her website as the perfect way to get started.

Instagram: @kellsie_moore

Website: www.kellsiemoore.com 


8. Alicia Rivera

Alicia Rivera is the Chief Financial Officer of Feeding GA Families who works to acquire sponsors and donors and to coordinate community partnerships.

Alicia believes in the importance of giving with an open heart to those in need. At Feeding GA Families, there are no requirements or judgement, just a group of people dedicated to giving those around them, and each other, a helping hand in the moments it is needed the most.​​​

Alicia has worked with Feeding GA Families as a co-founder and CFO for over 11 years. She has established partnerships with over 40 nonprofit organizations to distribute food across the state of Georgia and has established a nationwide distribution program to reach more people in need.

Alicia holds a Bachelor of Arts with a course emphasis in Business Management, Psychology, and Public Service from Ashworth University.

Website: www.feedga.org

9. Hailey Hughes

Hailey Hughes is a single mother and entrepreneur who is paying her success forward by positively impacting women, men, and children who survived or are currently fleeing domestic violence by empowering them with high-paying jobs and incredible job skills so they can recover financially and emotionally and end the cycle of abuse.  

 She called the movement Locals Give Back, a name that embodies what the program indeed does for the community.  Currently hiring nationwide, Locals Give Back provides participants with coaching, financial planning, sales training, social media marketing training, and on-the-job experience to equip them with the necessary skills that would kick start their journey and it leads its participants to reach their maximum potential by creating passive income with the sales of a Vivint Smart Home Security System.

Website: www.localsgiveback.com 


10. Lisa Collum

Entrepreneur, educator, CEO, author, and proud mother of four, Lisa Collum has dedicated her life to inspiring and educating others. Through Top Score Writing, Inc. and Coastal Middle and High School, she helps students at all levels nationwide achieve academic goals. Lisa regularly presents at conferences and events on topics related to business development, work/life balance, overcoming obstacles, female empowerment and childhood education. 

While working in a Title I school system, Lisa identified a need for better instruction. So with $100 and almost no business experience, she founded and grew Top Score Writing into a million-dollar venture. Today, the company specializes in writing-specific curriculum for grades 2-12. Top Score Writing is the one and only program specifically designed to prepare students for various state assessments. The curriculum has been adopted nationally by hundreds of public, private, and charter schools—positively impacting tens of thousands of students.  

Instagram: @lisacollumceo

Facebook: Lisa Collum CEO

Website: www.lisacollum.com; www.topscorewriting.com

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