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National Retail Solutions Celebrates Retailers and Partners with Exclusive Luncheon Showcasing Retail Innovation

National Retail Solutions Celebrates Retailers and Partners with Exclusive Luncheon Showcasing Retail Innovation
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National Retail Solutions (NRS),  an industry leader in point-of-sale (POS) terminal-based platforms and NRS PAY credit card processing for independent retailers, recently held a special luncheon, a gesture of gratitude toward its distinguished clients. The guest list included a dedicated cohort of store owners utilizing NRS POS systems alongside valued distributors and accountants. This event spotlighted the company’s commitment to its partners, demonstrating how its diverse range of services supports retailers in the current competitive climate.

During the luncheon, National Retail Solutions took the opportunity to showcase upcoming innovations in their POS terminal technologies, emphasizing a continued dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower independent retailers. As the guests enjoyed the event’s warm atmosphere, filled with networking opportunities and shared insights, it became evident that NRS not only values its clients but views them as integral collaborators in the ongoing evolution of retail technology and service excellence.

At the heart of the luncheon was an interactive showcase of the integrated services portfolio. Clients were introduced to innovations such as NRS Purple, comprehensive payroll services, NRS Pay credit card processing, NRS Funding, and Ecommerce solutions, all devised to streamline and elevate retail operations.

Elie Y. Katz, President and CEO of National Retail Solutions, emphasized the company’s foundational goal: “Our mission at NRS has always been to empower small and independent retailers. This event was a fantastic opportunity to connect with our clients, showing them how our tailored solutions can propel their businesses forward in a dynamic marketplace.”

Ari Buckman, VP of NRS Funding, conveyed the excitement of the day, “It was exciting to sit down with merchants and describe how quick and easy funding can be to help their business grow and thrive. We believe every business owner should have access to the capital they need through a company they know.”

With over 27,000 active terminals nationwide, NRS operates one of the leading POS terminal-based platforms in the industry, serving independent retailers under the umbrella of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT). NRS’s dedication to fostering the prosperity of small businesses is reflected in their comprehensive service offerings.

The sophisticated hardware and merchant software provided by NRS boast an array of features, including sales and inventory management, user and remote management through app & web interfaces, a 1-touch Boss Revolution® portal, and a complimentary built-in coupon rewards program.

The NRS POS system, robust and tailored for the retail environment, creates a complete checkout ecosystem. For gas stations, NRS Petro offers a pump-integrated POS system that facilitates secure EMV-compliant transactions and optimizes operations, creating a fluid nexus between convenience store and fuel pumps.

Retailers can also opt for premium add-ons to further customize their system, with features like Tobacco Scan Data, ID Scanning, Ecommerce integration, Unlimited EBT + eWIC acceptance, Employee Time Clock, Advanced Data Analytics, and the unique NRS patented Panic Alarm Button.

For additional details on the full spectrum of NRS offerings, interested parties are encouraged to visit

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