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Mission Over Profits: How Sim Shain is Giving the Organ Transportation Industry a More Holistic Face

With his long history of philanthropic works, building companies that are dedicated to saving lives came naturally for Sim Shain. The CEO is the revolutionary mind behind ParaFlight and, merging healthcare and aviation into one mission-driven movement. is hailed as one of the best in its field. The company provides OPOs and transplant centers with nothing but the best in air and ground transportation. OrganFlights plays a crucial role in ensuring that donated organs are safely transported to save patients nationwide. The company has a network of jets, helicopters, and emergency transport vehicles on standby, ready to hit the road or the air whenever duty calls. has an interactive mobile app that provides immediate services. From urgent departures for transplant teams and medical professionals utilizing their nationwide network of on-call corporate jets and helicopters to their responsive 24 hour dispatch center, life saving transportation can be dispatched in as little as two hours. Besides transporting healthy organs, is also dedicated to transporting transplant teams, recipients, and family members to even the most far-flung areas across the country.

Founder and CEO Sim Shain is driven by the principle “Mission over profits.” His belief has guided him and his team to revolutionize the way organs are transported with the help of mobile technology, cutting-edge equipment, and an efficient system that wraps it all into place.

Sim Shain wasn’t always the entrepreneur he is today. Shain has been a paramedic since 1993, something he is still passionate about almost thirty years later. 

As the story goes, Sim Shain was serving as a first responder during the 9/11 attack when he met a philanthropist and fellow paramedic volunteer, Steve Zakheim. The two had formed a strong bond and continued to volunteer worldwide, on-boarding charity flights to help thousands in need of medical help. Unfortunately, Zakheim passed away in 2012, but Sim Shain continued to live his legacy and built a business that is mission-driven and not profit-driven.

Taking care of people is at the very heart of Sim Shain and his companies. “We never capitalize on tragedy. That’s the opposite of the point of what we do. It’s about taking care of other people when they need it,” said the CEO. “We don’t say no to saving a life. Nothing else matters but taking care of people when they need it most. Money should never get in the way of that.”

Fueled by his desire to make a lasting impact, Sim Shain has completely transformed the industry with his unique innovations. The CEO has built a community of like-minded individuals committed to serving patients as much as himself. Through hard work, Sim Shain and his team now have access to hundreds of aircraft from other companies; all organized logistically through a central hub.

Consequently, the network effectively connects hospitals to to easily send a dispatch team to respond to an organ transportation procedure. Sim Shain prides his team on being professional and efficient, providing clients and medical professionals with real-time travel updates on transportation. 

Asked how he feels about the way is changing the medical field after it introduced a more effective way of organ transportation, Sim Shain said that he and his team feel as if they’re on cloud nine every time they hear of a patient healing or an organ making it safely to another location. “It’s a huge blessing to be able to have this kind of impact.”

To learn more about the amazing work that Sim Shain and is doing, visit their website.

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