MEK Health Tourism: Good Hair Day Event
Photo Courtesy: MEK Health Tourism Agency

Good Hair Day: Creative Engagement & Motivation Event at MEK Health Tourism Agency

Despite corporations often organizing non-business activities in office environments to enhance corporate loyalty and business efficiency, examples aligned with the sector’s spirit are rarely encountered. MEK Health Tourism Agency at Erdem Hospital organized one of these rare examples with the Good Hair Day concept in the office. This event offered employees the opportunity to receive haircuts and styling directly in the workplace. Not only did employees thoroughly enjoy the experience, but they also personally witnessed the emotional impact that a hair transformation can have on an individual.

What characteristics contribute to Good Hair Day’s creativity and success, setting it apart from typical in-office events? To address this inquiry, we need to initially explore the impact of contemporary office environments on employees. One of the primary risks faced by office workers is losing the meaning of their efforts. This phenomenon stems from the division of labor, a cornerstone of economic liberalism, whereby employees are involved in only a small part of the overall production process. In this situation, it causes the employee to lose their sense of belonging in the workplace and become alienated from their labor. Employees who become indifferent to the place where they spend most of their time and the brand to which they give most of their energy find themselves in a Kafkaesque loop. Thus, toxic consequences such as burnout syndrome, quiet quitting, stress and anxiety inevitably occur, which have become a trend in the business world. Another risk in today’s office conditions arises when employees’ creative interventions cannot be implemented on the job due to the monotony of office work. In this scenario, employees may overlook their impact on the production, procurement, and sales cycle, potentially leading to their involvement in the process of robotization.

The antidote to this toxic work cycle is achievable through improving the atmosphere in the office and enhancing the quality of non-work activities. However, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, these activities should be related to the ecosystem of the sector in which they work rather than merely being added to the list of entertainment and social activities. What sets Good Hair Day apart from other in-office events is its incorporation of various positive effects as a comprehensive package.

MEK Health Tourism: Good Hair Day Event
Photo Courtesy: MEK Health Tourism Agency / Elif Rahmiye Külünk & Begüm Çelik, Project Coordinators of Good Hair Day

Firstly, Good Hair Day is an event that breaks the monotony not only in the office but in any setting, and the reactions of the employees throughout the day demonstrated how much they enjoyed it. Employees expressed feeling valued and noticed a positive change in the office atmosphere. On the other hand, beyond just providing enjoyable content, Good Hair Day also enables employees to establish a meaningful connection with their work. In addition to reminding employees of the importance of renewal, this event offers them the opportunity to develop deeper empathy with patients striving to achieve their aesthetic and health objectives. Drawing from their own experiences, employees learn how to better comprehend patients’ journeys through aesthetic procedures and how they can offer support along the way. As a result, employees gain insight into the courage and emotions of patients seeking hair transplant procedures at Erdem Hospital.

MEK Health Tourism: Good Hair Day Event
Photo Courtesy: MEK Health Tourism Agency / Aybüke Külünk Canlı, Erdem Health Group – Administrative Coordinator

Medical tourism is not only about treating illnesses; it is a branch of business aimed at eliminating any condition that adversely affects one’s quality of life and ultimately serves one’s well-being. Erdem Hospital, cognizant of this reality, offers world-class medical care across a wide spectrum. Erdem Hospital is renowned for its expertise in addressing obesity-related issues, dental conditions, and performing cosmetic surgeries. Many individuals have undergone successful procedures, including hair transplants, dental treatments, bariatric surgeries, and plastic surgeries at Erdem Hospital.

In aesthetic procedures that involve a comprehensive process, such as hair transplants, it is crucial for patients to feel comfortable throughout the treatment. Situated in the heart of Istanbul, Erdem Hospital has been providing VIP-quality care to patients from all corners of the globe, guided by Mehmet Emin Külünk’s global vision with the motto “extend a helping hand to more and more people every day.” Erdem Hospital offers patients a relaxing and calming vacation at an affordable price under the reliable roof of its brand. While achieving the desired results in aesthetic surgery, patients may experience bruising and require bandages in the short term due to the nature of the procedure. However, patients can experience the post-treatment process while feeling at home, with world-class standards and intimate care provided by a family-run hospital. Thus, Erdem Hospital stands by patients throughout the surgical process, offering patient-centered care from the initial online inquiry until their safe return home after treatment.

Good Hair Day demonstrates that Erdem Hospital’s leadership in the global healthcare arena is no coincidence. There are valid reasons for the influx of patients from 83 countries each year, as well as for Erdem Hospital’s international recognition and awards. VIP service and expert physicians and specialists in aesthetics, combined with the hospitality of Turkish culture, play crucial roles in the background of their patients’ positive experiences. Consequently, Good Hair Day illustrates that Erdem Hospital extends its creative and motivational vision not only to patients but also to every aspect of its corporate structure.


Published By: Aize Perez

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