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Kayvon Kay of The Sales Connection Shares Useful Insights on Weathering Recession for Businesses and Coming out on Top

With the economic downturn and global inflation that the world has seen post-COVID-19 pandemic, experts have predicted a global recession. Business owners are fighting hard to insulate their businesses and ride through the tides, but many are doing it wrong. Seasoned entrepreneur and the founder of The Sales Connection, Kayvon Kay, has some insights on surviving a recession without the infamous labor cuts and layoffs that have been the go-to strategies for decades.

Kayvon Kay believes that recessions will happen periodically to disrupt periods of economic growth, and it is up to businesses to overcome these challenges. ”It’s part of the four stages of the economic cycle, and it’s your job, as a leader, to prepare your business for each one of those stages and successfully weather each one,” he said. “In many cases, this can be more difficult for the small to mid-sized business owner versus a large corporation, particularly if your company is still relatively young,” he added.

As an entrepreneur, Kayvon Kay believes that every company, regardless of its size, must be prepared, but the only solution should not be to cut costs through layoffs. “Some research suggests that rapid cost-cutting may not be the magic business salve. Research shows that selective cost-cutting for operational efficiency, combined with certain reinvestment activities such as in marketing or, for some companies, research and development, are more likely to better weather recessionary environments,” he opined.

In light of these opinions and business suggestions, Kayvon Kay’s company, The Sales Connection, offers high-ticket sales and marketing services, an often-overlooked service to CEOS, thought leaders, business consultants, and sales teams looking to overcome inevitable challenges in the global economy.

The Sales Connection provides alternative solutions beyond cutting costs and layoff of staff. “The problem with only cutting costs, according to Kayvon, is that operational efficiency doesn’t necessarily mean trying to do the exact same thing with fewer resources. In some cases, for example, efficiency is obtained through a combination of cutting costs and making an investment,” Kayvon said. “A single focus on cost-cutting can also negatively impact morale and, with it, productivity,” Kayvon warned.

Instead, Kayvon Kay advises business leaders to adopt defensive and offensive approaches that work seamlessly for their companies and industry. He recommends improving efficiency, investing in new assets and developing a new market. “More specifically, don’t let your product or service quality suffer,” Kayvon noted. “Work on creating a payment incentivization program for your customers, such as a certain percentage off for payment within X days. Tactics like these can create customer loyalty during and after a recession and set you up more positively for the next cycle.”

Kayvon believes that the practical solutions that The Sales Connection offers are essential in the business niche. He also hopes that entrepreneurs will cease adopting the fireman approach when dealing with business challenges and instead implement well-ordered strategies that have been proven to work with an expert’s guidance.

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