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JB by James Broyhill Helping Businesses Craft a Timeless and Reliable Brand Identity

There’s no watering down how crucial it is to have a strong brand in today’s modern business world. A good brand identity is foundational to a business’ market and growth success. However, not all businesses have a sound footing on their branding strategies. Hence, firms like JB by James Broyhill strive to give companies the strategy and guidance they need to elevate their brand experiences and grow their businesses. 

JB by James Broyhill, a branding agency based in Charlotte, North Carolina, focuses on giving companies the brand and marketing support they need to create timeless and reputable identities. This muscle is something that the company founder, James Broyhill, has been stretching all of his professional life. Heir to the well-known furniture brand Broyhill Furniture, he grew up in a business environment and has become a pivotal part of the company’s success. Now branching out to do something on his own, he has created a marketing firm that provides a broad yet synergistic approach to marketing. 

The marketing agency provides a wide range of services, including brand consulting, image development, landing page design, Facebook ads management, email marketing, press release and blog articles, social media and content marketing, influencer marketing, and many others. In addition, it has built partnerships with artists, licensing agencies, and media channels to help companies get a needed push to develop their sales and marketing strategies. The company provides its clients done-for-you marketing for businesses within the Americana niche and is leveraging the power of a large clientele to bring more attention to its clients’ brands and to bring in leads for them.

“We strive to be the most authentic version of ourselves, in all pursuits, and detest artificial marketing gimmicks,” explains founder James Broyhill. “Coming from a long line of motivated and tenacious men, people expected that I would follow in the family business. However, the most rewarding part of the work I do with small businesses is being able to take the lessons learned by our family and apply them to marketing efforts that bring in more business for our partners.”

James’s first business exposures were in his family’s furniture empire called Broyhill Furniture. The company was founded by James Edgar “Ed” Broyhill back in 1926 as a chair-making business. Together with his brother, Tom, Ed Broyhill started manufacturing chairs, rocking chairs, and benches in the 1920s. Despite the setbacks, the company would continue on a steady climb towards business success. In the 1970s, the company would be making over $265 million in sales every year and ran twenty factories that employed over 7,5000 people. More than a knack for creating good furniture, the Broyhill family has been in the business of establishing reliability and integrity in business. Today, James Broyhill looks to continue that legacy and mold a company that would stand for impact and excellence just as the generation before him.

Currently, James serves as the branding and marketing firm’s president, lending his energy, tenacity, and genuine spirit to the team culture. His creativity has allowed the agency and its clients to drive many marketing initiatives that have reached or even surpassed their goals. As a result, Broyhill hopes to elevate the company’s client experiences and serve more clients in the years to come. 

To learn more about JB by James Broyhill, visit the company’s website.

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