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How Rising Author Ashley Lynn Cain Beat the Odds to Publish Her Book and Inspire Women

Up-and-coming book author, single, and Marine Corps veteran Ashley Lynn Cain recently released her first book titled A Woman’s Guide to Survival: In a Pinch, but not without any challenges along the way. Having no connections in the publishing company, she found herself going from one publisher to another only to be turned down repeatedly. Despite the rejection, she did not let it discourage her from pursuing more opportunities to get published until she finally decided not to rely on the approval of publishing companies and became a self-published author. 

As a single mother raising two beautiful children, choosing to self-publish was quite an uphill journey, but she took a risk, knowing very well that her book will be worth far more when they reach the women who need to read it most. With sheer hard work, determination, and being focused on the right goals, Ashley Lynn Cain finally released her promising book, giving her great fulfillment to have done it without relying on anyone else other than herself. 

“I was tired of the doors being closed in my face, so I made my own doorway, and that’s when I began writing my own novels and publishing them on my own,” she explained. 

The idea and drive to start writing a book were revealed to Ashley Lynn Cain when she decided to take a step back and reflect on how far she has come as a person and a single mother. The realization that she has gone a long way and has managed to come out more than okay from many of her experiences was something she thought would be worth sharing with others. Deep inside her, she knew somebody out there was waiting to hear her story and be inspired by it. 

“It all started with journal writing, and eventually I realized as the years went on some of the best advice that I learned in life was from myself,” Ashley Lynn Cain shared. “I noticed myself making the same mistakes over and over again, and eventually decided to bring those thoughts and pieces of advice together by writing a book dedicated to women.”

Focused on pursuing her dreams one at a time, the rising book author envisions exciting things ahead of her writing career. She hopes to someday become one of the New York Times Best-Selling Authors list. Furthermore, she wants to venture into writing children’s books, a way for her to create a lasting legacy that her children will remember her by in the future. Where it concerns her desire to pursue a music career in the future, she is planning to get a music degree and work on collaborating with some of the biggest music labels in the world today. 

If anything, Ashley Lynn Cain has become a concrete and inspiring example of what women can achieve when they tap into their inner strength, creativity, and determination. She has proven that any woman can decide to become whoever she wants to be and work doubly hard to see those dreams come to life. 

Check out Amazon to access A Woman’s Guide to Survival: In a Pinch. Follow Ashley Lynn Cain on Instagram for updates on her latest projects.

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