How Australian Startup, Dashdot is Transforming The Property Investment Industry

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The real estate industry has undergone significant change over the years, with technological advancements playing a critical role in this evolution. These advancements have revolutionised how properties are bought, sold, and managed, making the real estate industry more efficient, accessible, and convenient for investors.

One of the transformative startup’s leading the way in smart property investments is an Australian property company, Dashdot. As a trusted partner specializing in property portfolio growth, Dashdot caters to aspiring property investors in Australia with the mission to empower them by facilitating the creation of scalable and profitable portfolios through meticulous property selection and informed investment strategies.

Leveraging its extensive expertise and distinctive approach, Dashdot remains resolute in its belief that opportune moments for property investment persist regardless of prevailing market conditions.

Dashdot: A Property Portfolio Growth Partner Backed By Data

Dashdot aims to solve various real estate challenges that make property investment unachievable and difficult today. Their goal is to address problems that lead to failed investments caused mainly by wrong choices in location, timing, and property type. 

McGrath mentions, “Only 1% of people actually achieve their property investing goals, and we’re here to change that. Simply put, people are not achieving what they could, because they’re not buying what they should.” By addressing this vital issue, Dashdot helps break the cycle of endless hard work and financial strain often associated with unsuccessful property investments.

So with its proprietary data and technology and its second-to-none service, Dashdot can track more than 4 million variables every month, enabling its in-house team of data scientists to accurately crack the code on real-time property investing. They take pride in an exclusive technology and a tested methodology that enables them to uncover emerging property hotspots before they become known to other investors. 

This advantage positions their clients at the forefront of real estate investment opportunities and helps them to make more informed investment decisions by having access to the best and most profitable property choices available while streamlining the process in between. 

At the same time, Dashdot’s high-level real estate data analytics allows investors to access a wide range of property data, including market value, rental yields, and occupancy rates, establishing a more solid foundation for building a good property portfolio. 

Gabi Billing, Dashdot Co-founder, mentions, “Property investing is full of misinformation, with a lot of contradictory advice, projected complications, and fear for people to navigate. Our goal is for it to be accessible and approachable as an option and service. We are extremely passionate about creating seamless and promise that our service is second-to-none.” 

Unlocking Access to the Australian Property Market

As a testament to Dashdots unwavering commitment to unlocking the best out of the Australian property market, they leverage proprietary technology and data to provide unparalleled assistance to individuals seeking optimal property investments. McGrath explains that Dashdot employs a comprehensive set of strategies to assist property investors in making informed decisions. 

By creating “market clusters” based on economic and social profiles, they discern the key factors and signals that hold significance for each specific area. Their thorough analysis involves examining an extensive database encompassing all public and private projects across the country. This meticulous approach enables them to develop a probability-weighted index, providing valuable insights into project activities in any given location.

Moreover, they also consider crucial indicators such as employment and Gross Regional Product (GRP) and demand increases up to six months in advance of their impact on the property market to identify regions characterised by robust economic diversification, ensuring our investors are well-prepared for potential macroeconomic fluctuations or any future demand trends. 

Through these advanced data analytics and cutting-edge technologies, Dashdot is revolutionising traditional property investment methods, expanding the realm of possibility and enabling individuals to achieve their investment goals more efficiently and effectively.

Transforming Mindframe and Accessibility 

As Australia’s premier property company for investors, Dashdot is dedicated to identifying the perfect match for each investor, as they recognize that finding this ideal alignment leads to a successful property investment. “What’s right for someone might not be for another. But we can always find an opportunity that is right for someone. Freedom is in finding the right opportunity for the individual,” says CEO Goose McGrath.

This is Dashdot’s way of approaching property investment with proven data and heart to high-level customer service. Head of Client Success Jason D’Silva mentions, “The technology side of the company is remarkable, no doubt, but what makes our offering additionally special is the heart that our Dashdot humans put into the client service part of our business.” 

The Dashdot process streamlines everything, saving clients the hassle of coordinating all the moving pieces, assessing each option, and securing the best possible investment property. Tim Keating explains, “We handle every step of the process, so all our clients need to do is just review & sign.”

Dashdot Sets the Standard for Excellence

Dashdot envisions creating a property investment ecosystem that provides individuals access to properties that align with their preferences while simultaneously maximising their investment potential. With their innovative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence, the rising Australian investment company is spearheading a transformative shift in how investors navigate the property market. 

Dashdot exemplifies a visionary force in reshaping the landscape of property investment. As an industry leader, it is driving positive change and propelling the property investment industry into a new era of growth and success.

Jess Norton, Head of Marketing adds, “We are transforming the way people think about property investment, and that comes with some challenges. We have to combat consumer sentiment, which is typically fearful and uncertain, however, our clients and their success make for fantastic proof-points and easy brand storytelling. Our innovation and service are second-to-none so it’s just about creating awareness through real people and real results.”

Dashdot’s High-Touch and High-Tech Model

Dashdot operates based on its high-touch and high-tech system to achieve excellent and profitable results for clients. It combines proprietary technology in the back end and exceptional client service in the front end, or what the company commonly refers to as the “data + heart approach.”

Its high-tech system can identify the top 1% of properties in the top 1% of locations and provide relevant insights into soon-to-boom hotspots before other investors even know they exist. 

This enables the company to secure the right property, in the right place, at the right time – all while meeting its client’s investment goals. Dashdot also has property analysts who work alongside its acquisition team to poke, prod, and cross-check all lead properties.

Dashdot’s high-touch service combines its top-tier technology with its fantastic team that drives results for its clients. The property investment startup ensures that the clients get the best customer service available.

Once all goals are settled, a Dashdot success manager will guide the client in every necessary step, so they do not have to go through the tedious and complicated process. For all the grunt work that people do not want to deal with, Dashdot will take over.

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