Enzo Day Is Gaining Widespread Popularity As A Digital Marketing Expert

Enzo Day is a promising entrepreneur. He has a deep interest in entrepreneurship. But he’s equally passionate about coding and web design and development, too. When he was just 14, he got his first website developed with the name “Fiches Up.”

It was just the beginning. Enzo Day was destined to achieve a lot of things in his life. He is also a well-known amateur golfer in France. 

When Enzo was 18, he rejected several scholarships because he intended to be a professional coder or software developer. Once he started working on various software projects, he got completely involved in them. 

A couple of years later, Enzo started developing and designing attractive websites for his customers. 

“I launched So Close (a digital marketing company) when I was just 22. And I am glad that it has become one of the most famous digital marketing agencies in France. My company offers several services, including CRM, Project Management, Web Design and development, Digital Marketing, consultancy, and many more. I’m thrilled with the way things are going now. I also help various companies to get new leads through my services. Most importantly, I have learned all these things from scratch. Nobody came forward to help me. I spent a lot of time sitting in front of my PC trying to strategize my business goals and policies. But life is all about hard work and determination,” Enzo Day stated.

So Close works in the concept of peer learning through which multiple individuals can learn a lot of new things if they have an interest in it. 

Enzo Day has always been a dreamer. He knows how to work hard towards accomplishing a dream. He never shies away from hard work or taking additional responsibilities whenever needed. But he is a keen learner too. He never minds learning new stuff and skills to enhance the level of his knowledge.

All About So Close

So Close is an open collaboration platform through which people can exchange ideas. You can even get in touch with the company representative to know about developing an exciting project or wish to get additional information about coding. 

So Close has a team of highly proficient web developers and software experts who never mind putting in their hard work and effort to create something new and meaningful. Enzo Day is leading from the front in a truly exemplary style. He works round the clock and still, you won’t see an iota of tiredness on his face. And this is what success looks like! Enzo never complains about his hard work, because it keeps him grounded and motivated. 

“Entrepreneurship is in my veins. I got it from my parents. They always supported me in my entrepreneurial ventures. They stood behind me like rock-solid and suggested useful advice, which worked. As a budding entrepreneur, I am happy that my parents have faith in me. They have full trust in my skills and abilities. And it really inspired me to try my best at whatever I do in my life. I just wish to say a big thank you to my parents and whoever supported me in my entrepreneurial journey.” Enzo Day said. 

In Conclusion

Enzo Day believes there are five elements to success: Patience, Resilience, Attention, Focus, and Caution. Each of these five elements plays a crucial role in making a person successful or a failure. 

One who is alert, resilient, patient, and hardworking is likely to become successful in life. But people who are not patient and want overnight success can only dream about it. They are staying far from reality!

Please visit So Close, Instagram, and Facebook for more information. 

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