Entrepreneur Endy Zhou Engages in Clean Energy Solutions

As many entrepreneurs have said over the past, starting a business is not for the faint of heart. It can be thrilling and inspiring to read about stories of companies thriving in their area of specialty. However, behind the success looms years of preparation and tons of failures. Other than that, there is also money to raise, regulations to comply, staffing, marketing, and others. Having to undergo all of these can be exhausting. Self-doubts can creep into the entrepreneur’s mind, and everything is back to square one. Learning to overcome these self-doubts and hardships is essential for any entrepreneur, especially for those pursuing clean energy solutions. The recent trend towards clean and sustainable technology has created opportunities for entrepreneur-minded individuals, including Endy Zhou.

It is a known fact that every individual has their roadmap of success. However, for Endy Zhou, being a son of an immigrant poses more challenges. Endy had to work twice as hard to fulfill his dream of starting a business. In the United States, Endy’s company found its footing and began focusing all its energy on clean energy solutions. As an entrepreneur, Endy is part of the generation of entrepreneurs who are finding faster, cleaner, and more economical access to energy for residential and commercial uses. His goal is to help millions of people to leap over from using non-renewable energy to harnessing clean energy like solar panels. 

True to his mission, Endy Zhou gave birth to Solar101. It is a solar energy company dedicated to creating customized solar packages for homeowners. Along with his team, they design a system based on the homeowner’s utility spend and location. Unlike other solar energy entrepreneurs, Endy has intensive sales and customer service experience, so he knows a lot about solution-based sales and customer service. In fact, his philosophy allows his team to make a connection with the customer they serve, creating long-term, two-way relationships. The team not only promotes awareness to clients about why solar energy is beneficial, but they also establish long-term relationships to ensure top-notch customer service.

These ideas are not built on a simple spark, but tried-and-true experiences. In 2015, he started Endymion Consulting, which has provided record-breaking sales results across the globe. His company offers alternative solutions in sales, marketing, import, and human resource. Since its inception, Endy has helped many small to medium businesses, and multi-million dollar corporations maximize their profits. Under his tutelage, he has built some of the best sales teams, which resulted in a net growth of up to 50 times the revenue. All those experiences of successful entrepreneurship allow Endy to create the premium customer experience that Solar101 is now known for within the industry.

All of this dedication stems from his hunger to learn, share, and make a change in the world. In the next few years, Endy plans to expand his clean energy business, focusing on more high-tech clean energy solutions. With hard work and perseverance, he believes there is nothing he cannot conquer. He hopes this story may inspire young-minded individuals who want to be an entrepreneur one day. 

Learn more about Endy Zhou and clean energy solutions by visiting the official website.


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