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Cory Williams on Continuing to Fight the Mental Health Battle

There has been increased attention on mental health advocacies over the years. And while the movement has taken significant strides, we’re barely scratching the surface. Over 700,000 people still die from suicide every year. Accordingly, advocates like Cory Williams urge people to double down on mental health advocacies personally and in the community.

“We need to make mental health causes more mainstream,” as Cory Williams, CEO and Founder of Epic Health Partners, would put it. To say that Cory is busy would be an understatement. Apart from his mental health organization, he’s also an entrepreneur that runs and operates Epic Management Group and C&E Holdings. Williams also serves on the board of Raleigh, a North Carolina-based Tammy Lynn Center. His dedication to more mental health awareness and intervention has helped save thousands of lives.

His journey into mental health started at a young age. He watched a dear family member struggle with mental illness. He moved into the medical field, accordingly, due to that experience. At nineteen years old, he started a medical transportation business that would eventually close down. But that experience would push him to keep brushing up his entrepreneurial skills. After graduating from Averett University with a Masters of Science in Computer Science back in 2006, Cory would continue his education and pick up a Masters of Business Administration from Ashford University.

While studying, he started to work at The Goodyear Tire and Rubber company. Later he would move to Troxler Electronic Laboratories, where he served as Director of Operations. Finally, in 2016, he ventured out on his own and started EPIC Health. The vision of Cory’s mental health companies and movements is to foster optimal behaviors and emotional wellness. He and his team achieve this by developing therapeutic partnerships and programs to serve members of the community. By doing this, Cory William hopes to affect lasting and long-term solutions to people’s mental health conditions.

The road to becoming an entrepreneur and force for social good has been less than straightforward for Cory and his team. Still, they remain adamant about continuing on the mission, reminded by the many lives they have saved and the many more they can still save. “What goes hand-in-hand with taking things in stride is learning how to change your mindset,” shares Cory. “One way to do this is to stay positive. No matter what challenges I’ve faced, I’ve learned to not only embrace the negativity but use it to my advantage.”

In retrospect, Cory references back to the people who helped shape his character and life. He had come to realize that all who have come before him played a part in everything he has accomplished today. Accordingly, he feels that he owes it to them to impact people’s lives enormously.

When he isn’t fighting for mental wellness, Cory is leading mergers and acquisitions with other businesses. He has expanded his business portfolio and made a comfortable life for his family. This gives him plenty of time to focus on the community and run efforts that will better those around him. Cory also currently has affiliations with the Business Leadership Council and the Chamber of Commerce and is a PDC Capital Group board member.

To learn more about Cory Williams, visit his website.

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