Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Brian Mark Trains Other Coaches to Expand Their Fitness Brand

Health and fitness are some of the most in-demand industries today. But while there has been a growing need for fitness coaches who can deliver life-changing results, there is also a need for coaches who can help you grow your body and business. Brian Mark is the coach you need for the job. Brian Mark is a top business coach for online fitness coaches trying to start and grow successful online fitness businesses.

Brian started his entrepreneurship journey back in 2013 with his coaching business, “PT Domination.” Through the coaching business, he worked with over a thousand clients worldwide, with workout programs, meal plans, and community programs. As a result, he was able to help over a thousand clients transform their lives and live happier, healthier, stronger lives.

In 2018 Brian Mark transitioned to business coaching for online trainers. In the last three years, it has completely taken over the market and is now the leading business coach for online trainers. Brian Mark is also a podcast host for the Change Lives and Make Money online trainer podcast, the top show for online trainers. This program is also part of the top fifty shows in Apple Podcasts.

Perhaps the biggest accomplishment of Brian Mark’s life is overcoming drug addiction. At one point, Brian Mark was addicted to hard drugs, and it almost took his life. His sobriety journey started in 2012. He got clean, sober, and healthy and wanted to share that message with the world. That is why Brian started online fitness coaching, and his business is now taking the lead in the market. 

The fitness business took off during the first wave of COVID-19. They pivoted their offer, started charging $400 per month, and helped online coaches generate $10,000 per month in revenue. The reputation of the company rapidly and exponentially, and now they are serving over 1,250 online fitness coaches from all around the world and have helped 196 of them hit $10,000 per month.

Brian desires to help more personal trainers and online fitness coaches who want to grow a successful online coaching business. Brian Mark gives more value away for free than most business coaches who give away their paid programs.

“Most coaches care more about the money than the client, which is why my program is $400 per month, and most coaches charge $10,000 + to get started,” Mark candidly says.

When asked why he started his business and coached other fitness coaches, he said, “I never wanted to work for anyone other than myself and my own vision. I was the worst employee ever because I hated being at work.” The fitness and business coach is now thirty years old and is now making 5 million dollars per year, impacting people worldwide and helping them start an online coaching business. He firmly believes that if he can do it, so can others. 

Brian Mark envisions himself as the next Gary Vaynerchuk. He aspired to see that his impact will continue to grow as he ascends on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and the Podcasts app. He is excited and is all-in for all aspects of his life. He is sure that this level of commitment will carry him through to make a significant difference in the world.

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