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Awesome Life Group Helps Americans Live Their Best Life through Credit Restoration

Almost nothing can be as stressful and frustrating as having bad credit in America today. All major financial transactions are pegged on how good someone’s credit standing is, from buying a house, a car, or getting a loan to starting a small business. Without good credit, anyone’s day-to-day life becomes an uphill journey, and no one understands this dilemma more than the founders of Awesome Life Group LLC, a credit repair and credit restoration company that specializes in helping every American live their best lives by guiding them to start all over again. 

Awesome Life Group does not only help its clients repair, rehabilitate, and restore their credit, but it also educates them on how to work on repairing their own credit standing through helpful YouTube videos or the book of one of its founders, Brandon Weaver. He understands the difficulty of many Americans when it comes to managing their finances, and addressing this problem starts by feeding them the right information and attitude towards credit. Weaver, who is an Army Reserve veteran, knows fully well the terrible credit damage that two knee surgeries and one hip surgery brought upon his life. It is for this reason that he, along with his partners Cornita Pinchinat and Jera Sky, came up with the idea to venture into something that will have a lasting impact on people and their families.

Helping as many people as possible is one of the company’s biggest motivations, according to Brandon. “Having been in a situation where my own credit was terrible, I couldn’t get approved for an apartment, or even get utilities in my name, made me realize that if I could do this for myself and change my own life, I could help a lot of other people. We are motivated to change people’s lives for the better and to have a positive impact on families for generations to come,” the Awesome Life Group co-founder explained. 

Both Jera and Cornita are successful entrepreneurs in their own right. Cornita is presently the managing director of Awesome Life Group LLC.  She was able to repair her own credit after a divorce and moving her family to start a new life.  Cornita, like her partners, understands what clients may be facing and the importance of good credit. She is known as the cornerstone of the company’s success. Jera, on the other hand, brought her business acumen to the table, having been an eBay business owner for twelve years. Jera is the company’s chief strategist while Weaver serves as president. Through the combined efforts of the three co-owners, it has been awarded as one of the best credit repair companies in Pittsburgh by 

The business owners are confident that Awesome Life Group will achieve dramatic growth in the next few years as they continue to work hard to elevate its services. At present, the company has several offices in Pittsburgh, and they envision opening several more branches all over the country in the coming years to help as many people as they can. The partners want to expand the company and offer other services much like they have started offering funding and business credit for small businesses.

As Awesome Life Group continues to make a difference in the lives of countless Americans through credit repair and credit restoration, more and more families can look forward to experiencing financial relief and begin to live their best lives. 

Find out more about the Awesome Life Group and its services by visiting its website

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